Anatomy of a Breach Response

“Today’s biggest heists might not look like the movies.

But rest assured, I’m just as destructive. I’m better organized and more sophisticated. I target more than just a single enterprise; I can cripple an entire industry. There’s more at stake than ever before: business disruption, data loss, intellectual property damage, and financial gain. Before you can stop me, it’ll take you days to even notice I’m there—99 days, on average. (1)

In fact, most breaches go fully undetected and remain completely invisible—I’m probably already there. How do you plan on stopping me?”

(1) M-Trends Report, 2017, FireEye / Mandiant

Most organizations are learning to appreciate the gravity of Cyber breaches and the effect on their organization, industry and economy at large. We’ve collated some data into a short presentation to show you how a breach typically occurs as well as how the Microsoft Security suite helps detect and defend against them.

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