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Who We Are

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We exist to push, prod and poke our clients.  To have them experiment and leverage emerging technologies—develop new business concepts in support of business strategies for the Digital Age.

The ‘consulting game’ has become way too transactional.  We want long term relationships with our clients – close collaboration – emotional engagement.  This newest set of technologies requires a deeper understanding of your business.  Without that knowledge, it’s impossible to provide the guidance it’s going to take to keep your business relevant to your customers.

We Believe in What People Make Possible

Technology truly has the power to disrupt industries.  Our goal is to help our clients use this to their advantage.  There’s no shortage of new entrants and startups shaking the very foundation of our client’s industries through the intelligent application of new technologies.

Leveraging the best talent… regardless of where they reside.  It’s a global world and the local market rarely has the lock on all the best talent.  We leverage the latest collaboration technologies which allow us to work instantaneously with the best and brightest across the globe.

We’re looking for those organizations that believe what we believe. Those companies that are looking for a true partner on this Digital Transformation Journey.  We truly believe that we’re in a race against time and it’s our responsibility to ensure our clients are aware of this and moving in the right direction – at the right pace.

If our core values resonate with you, then we’d definitely like to talk.  The coffee is on us.

What We Value

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Exploring the boundaries of technology and design with the help of local universities and associations.

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Trustworthy Computing

Secure, private, and reliable computing experiences built on years of business practices.

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Social Responsibility

Being a responsible partner to our clients by conducting business in a way that is inclusive, transparent, and respectful of human rights.

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Leveraging the cloud to reduce our impact on the environment, and also making sure your modern workflows can evolve with your organization.

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