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Responsible AI Principles

Beyond ethics, inclusiveness and fairness, especially in our machine learning training data sets, are typically going to result in better reliability and generally a superior solution.  Responsibly training our models with the correct data, and the correct amount of data will yield improved results.


AI solutions should exercise impartial and just treatment without discrimination or favoritism. Beyond governance decisions, tools should be used to measure fairness in datasets and models.


AI solutions should empower everyone and engage people. Inclusiveness in learning sets typically delivers better reliability.

Privacy & Security

AI solutions should be secure and respect privacy. The learning data and prediction request can often contain sensitive data. Making sure that data is secure and doesn’t impede on privacy should always be of interest.

Reliability & Safety

AI solutions should perform reliably and safely. From reliability and safety in autonomous vehicles to reliability in model predictions, acceptable requirements need to be set and achieved.


AI solutions should have algorithmic accountability, and its creators should be careful about claims of what the technology can do.


AI solutions should be understandable in their intent and method for building their predictions.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being used in every vertical to disrupt competition. As we develop AI/ML solutions, we ask ourselves if what we are creating is responsible and ethical throughout the entire lifecycle. Our Responsible AI Governance group ensures we are meeting guidelines and our own standards.

Sean Trifero, CTO
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