Using Machine Learning for Music Therapy

Using Machine Learning for Music Therapy 1

We all know instinctively that music has tangible effects on our bodies and minds. Upbeat songs motivate us to exercise or take on a challenge; softer, less rhythmic music might relax us or get us ready for bed. Researchers have done studies that measure these effects on the body through skin and brain monitoring. A…

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A Guide to Microsoft Product Name Changes

A Guide to Microsoft Product Name Changes 5

If you’ve ever been confused by Microsoft’s offerings, their names, or what they include, you’re not alone. Even as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have to stay on top of the seemingly ever-changing product terminology. Just as Microsoft is always looking to improve their technologies, it seems that what they call them is also under…

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Top 10 Announcements from Microsoft Ignite November 2021

Top 10 Announcements from Microsoft Ignite November 2021 6

Microsoft Ignite November 2021 is in session this week, so it’s your chance to catch up on Microsoft enterprise news. If it feels like Ignite just happened not long ago, that’s because Microsoft is actually holding two Ignite conferences this year (the other one was an extra spring conference in March). Hosted virtually once again,…

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Why You Should Never Link Your Personal Email to Work

Why You Should Never Link Your Personal Email to Work 7

With busy work and life schedules, we often want to make things as easy and convenient as possible. You might get the urge to link your personal email to work as one of those ways to simplify. Just one inbox to check, wherever you are, and you get all the messages you need—right? But if…

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Screenshot from the MITRE ATT&CK homepage shows a number of adversarial techniques.

By now, we know it well: cyber threats are a major concern with great potential for damage. There are so many different ways that adversarial actors can gain access and cause breaches to networks, devices, and organizations. MITRE ATT&CK is a structured breakdown of the techniques that cyber attackers use, as well as a catalogue…

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Great Customer Relationships Means Great Communication

Picture shows great communication during a meeting.

For those who want to build a customer-first culture at their organization, communication is crucial. This means more than just answering the phone and responding quickly to emails. It’s important to be aware of many different aspects and know just how your customer fits in. For really great communication, you should know the individuals, titles…

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Empowering Nonprofits Through Challenging Times

Image shows volunteers handing items to kids.

It’s not always the most visible sector, but nonprofit organizations bring in over 10% of the gross domestic product in the U.S. and employ more people than most other industries (behind only retail and food services). On top of the direct employment they provide and the beneficial actions they take in society, nonprofits are also…

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The Great Resignation and What it Means for Your Company

Image of dwindling employees outside suggests the Great Resignation.

The last couple years have been draining. An ongoing pandemic has put people on edge and lacking a level of social interaction they took for granted before. Societal and political roller coasters have often brought division and gloom. Work and schooling done at home (and then, maybe, back in person with new constraints) have caused…

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