ChatGPT Use Cases You Haven’t Thought of

ChatGPT Use Cases You Haven't Thought of 1

When we published a blog about GPT-3 last year, we thought it would be fun to have the generative AI model itself write parts of the article. With the release of the new GPT3.5 update’s ChatGPT at the end of November, there’s been an explosion of attention on AI-generated text, with many authors bringing it…

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2022 Breakthroughs and What They’ll Mean for 2023

2022 Breakthroughs and What They'll Mean for 2023 2

We’ve had a lot of big innovations and discoveries this year, and some of them are pretty mind-boggling. The ways they’ll impact our future will be intriguing, amazing—and sometimes scary—to see. One thing is for sure: there’s huge potential in advancements that have recently been made. With the right path-forging and responsible use, these could…

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What Will Tomorrow’s IT Workers Look Like?

What Will Tomorrow's IT Workers Look Like? 3

Technology is evolving rapidly, and so is the field of IT. Given the last couple years of pandemic upheaval, today’s slippery job market, and big advancements in AI, workplaces are changing. IT workers are perhaps the most ready and eager group to meet this change, tending to be forward-thinking and adoptive of new innovations and…

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5 Innovative Technologies that are Changing Healthcare

5 Innovative Technologies that are Changing Healthcare 4

In 1953, my grandmother gave birth to twins in the backseat of her car. She lived far away from the hospital and barely made it there in time to deliver the first one in the parking lot. Everyone was in for a surprise after that, because in those days ultrasounds hadn’t even been invented and…

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Giving Data Meaning with Data Storytelling

Giving Data Meaning with Data Storytelling 5

There’s more data out there than ever before, and today’s organizations have tools to glean large amounts of it that can lead to great business benefits. But without the right analysis and data storytelling, all of that information can remain a jumbled heap that doesn’t translate into any action. Many data analysts who have backgrounds…

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Ransomware as a Service? A Dark Web Economy for Cybercrime

Ransomware as a Service? A Dark Web Economy for Cybercrime 6

We know that ransomware continues to be a big (and costly) problem to those who are targeted. Just who is carrying out these attacks, and how? Much of the ransomware activity taking place today does so through an interconnected network of actors working in a gig-like economy. Malicious actors with little more than a laptop…

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Happy Employees Mean Happy Customers—and Higher Revenue

Happy Employees Mean Happy Customers---and Higher Revenue 7

Companies are often looking to improve customer experience and satisfaction as an overall business strategy. There are a number of ways to achieve this, such as keeping open communication with clients and striving to make the answer “yes” when customers have ideas or requests. But research also tells us there’s another avenue that starts even closer to home:…

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Can Blockchain Revolutionize the Scientific Process?

Can Blockchain Revolutionize the Scientific Process? 8

In terms of promise and success, blockchain technologies have been all over the map this year. Use cases for the arts have flourished, and new platforms allowing things like NFT trading for theater fans have emerged. Cryptocurrency, blockchain’s original purpose, has been on some big rollercoasters—most recently culminating in the collapse of crypto exchange FTX, which is likely…

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Ensuring Privacy with Microsoft Priva

Ensuring Privacy with Microsoft Priva 9

With so much personal data stored online today, privacy is a big concern both for individuals and for businesses in terms of compliance. Regulations like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) apply beyond those borders and affect how organizations can store personal information, while giving consumers rights to manage how…

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Scary Cyber Attacks in 2022 and the Driving Forces Behind Them

Scary Cyber Attacks in 2022 and the Driving Forces Behind Them 10

It’s no secret that cyber crime has grown tremendously over the past few years. Unfortunately, malicious actors have taken advantage of (and sometimes caused) social upheavals around Covid-19, elections, economic instability, and war. Throughout all of these challenges people have spent a lot of time online, and a lot of business has been done there too—it’s a…

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