3 Surprising Ways Technology Can Help Animals

Image of a cow invites the question of how technology can help animals.

If you’re like many of us here at Infused Innovations, you love both technology and animals. Are they usually discussed together? No. But there are some really cool innovative tools can be used to benefit animal welfare. Technology can help animals in a number of ways: the possibilities developing today are offering new insights and…

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Microsoft Defender for Cloud: the Only Offering that Natively Supports Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud

Cloud graphic represents Microsoft Defender for Cloud's support for multiple cloud platforms.

The three largest cloud infrastructure providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud (in that order, according to market share). They each offer an array of capabilities and conveniences—on top of data storage, customers can use them to build applications, run projects, track analytics, and more. Many customers, especially enterprises, have aspects…

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What’s all the Hype About NFTs?

NFTs are represented by Ethereum's logo image.

You’ve probably heard about NFTs becoming one of the next big things in the digital world. Non-fungible tokens, as the full name goes, are a way to attach scarcity to digital items—thus creating value. This allows for them to be bought, collected, traded, invested in and so forth. But since they’re also non-tangible, this concept…

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The Role of Technology in Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

The Role of Technology in Russia's Invasion of Ukraine 7

During World War II, Ford Motor Company stopped its civilian automobile production and redirected its assembly lines toward military machinery instead. It was one way that a private company used its resources to aid government and country efforts. Decades later, today’s warfare involves more than physical machinery. Russia’s horrific attack on Ukraine is a culmination…

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Windows Hello for Business Cloud Trust is in Preview

Windows Hello for Business Cloud Trust is in Preview 11

Windows Hello for Business is an enterprise login tool that verifies identity with biometrics: facial recognition or fingerprints. This eliminates the need to enter passwords, which saves time & hassle and increases employees’ productivity. Last week, Microsoft announced its Windows Hello for Business cloud trust, which applies to hybrid environments. This new authentication model considerably…

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Facts and Misconceptions About Zero Trust

Facts and Misconceptions About Zero Trust 16

Cybercrime reports have gone up over 300% in the last couple years. And a surprisingly large number of breaches happen with company employees involved, often because of mistakes like falling for phishing baits. Any insider in the company can potentially be a point of vulnerability that can expose the whole network. That’s why a Zero…

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What’s Your Vision of the Metaverse?

What's Your Vision of the Metaverse? 20

The other day I had my first dream about the metaverse. Some friends and family were going to play a game, much like laser tag, that incorporated virtual elements into our physical space. I was new to the game, though, and when I asked a friend how to play, he rudely told me to look…

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