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Sometimes we are engaged to solve tough infrastructure performance problems. We’ve all been in situations where the infrastructure team is blaming the developers, the developers are blaming the infrastructure, and the product or project manager is frustrated because nothing is getting solved.…

Infused Innovations Announces New CISO

Infused Innovations Announces New CISO
Represents the importance of Cybersecurity for Organizations of all Sizes 

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North Kingstown, RIOn Monday, Infused Innovations formally announced the promotion of Dan Chemistruck to Chief Information Security Officer.  Dan, an industry veteran and already VP of Services, will start immediately in this new role.    

As CISO, Dan will “drive strategic, cross-discipline cyber security initiatives to maximize Infused Innovations’ impact within our customers as well as within our own organization,” the company said.  “We feel that all organizations, regardless of size, need to view every technology and process through a cybersecurity lens.” 

“The human mind can no longer keep up with the speed of current cyber-attacks”

The human mind can no longer keep up with the speed of current cyber-attacks.