Infused Innovations Announces New CISO 1

Infused Innovations Announces New CISO

Infused Innovations Announces New CISO
Represents the importance of Cybersecurity for Organizations of all Sizes 

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North Kingstown, RIOn Monday, Infused Innovations formally announced the promotion of Dan Chemistruck to Chief Information Security Officer.  Dan, an industry veteran and already VP of Services, will start immediately in this new role.    

As CISO, Dan will “drive strategic, cross-discipline cyber security initiatives to maximize Infused Innovations’ impact within our customers as well as within our own organization,” the company said.  “We feel that all organizations, regardless of size, need to view every technology and process through a cybersecurity lens.” One of his key roles as CISO is to be able to write up effective security incident responses and thereby drive solutions for them.

“The human mind can no longer keep up with the speed of current cyber-attacks”

The human mind can no longer keep up with the speed of current cyber-attacks. Modern threats require a defense-in-depth solution built on top of AI for automated breach responses. Using Zero Trust Security principals, we are also announcing the Secqur Æther platform to leverage Microsoft’s 90+ cloud security products.  The core of this solution focuses around the following mantra: Train, Protect, Detect, Respond, Report.  Microsoft analyzes more than 6.5 trillion daily signals–the largest commercial security dataset in the world–to power their machine learning and threat intelligence models. Through the power of the cloud, Microsoft is making enterprise-class security features available to organizations of any size.

Dan Chemistruck, CISO & VP of Services

This move is representative of Infused Innovations’ continued expansion in emerging technologies from Microsoft. 

About Infused Innovations: Headquartered in North Kingstown, RI and with additional offices in Lowell, MA and San Diego, CA, Infused Innovations helps organizations securely design, implement and operationalize emerging technologies to drive business value.

We are a leading provider of innovative security, digital and cloud services built on the Microsoft ecosystem and currently hold 8 Microsoft competencies. Our consultants bring bold, fresh thinking combined with technology, business and industry expertise to help make a human impact on our clients, their customers and their employees.  

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