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5 Big Cybersecurity Mistakes (And What to do Instead)

As we consider the importance of security during this 20th annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month, let’s look at some of the ways many organizations err in their approach to this vital aspect of their business. Chances are, your company could be falling into one of these traps too. In the latest episode of our Digitally Transformed…

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20 Years of Defense: Understanding Today’s Cybersecurity Landscape

October is the 20th annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a time to raise public knowledge and come together to address responsibilities in this critical area. So much has changed in the digital realm over the past two decades, fundamentally reshaping the way businesses, individuals, and governments interact with technology. As the landscape continues to evolve in…

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Future-Proofing Your Organization: How to Make the Most of Technology, Security, and Innovation in 2024

Have you ever wondered what it would be like working with a strategic partner that has years of experience in innovation and security? Both of these areas are paramount in today’s evolving work environment, and both can also be daunting for businesses to take on. What if you had a trusted partner organization that could…

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The Cutting-Edge Advantage: Planning Your AI Adoption for 2024

As we gear up for the coming year, the potential for AI to reshape businesses and industries is more evident than ever. To navigate this transformative landscape effectively, it can help to work with a trusted advisory partner who will make this daunting territory both accessible and exciting. For organizations looking to gain some understanding…

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Navigating Your Next Year: Strategic Planning with Infused Innovations

Here we are, already in the final quarter of 2023. Businesses all over the world are gearing up to plan and budget for the coming year, and many could use some guidance in today’s dynamic and fast-paced atmosphere. A crucial element of this process is aligning financial budgets with the goals and objectives of the…

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Training Generative AI: How Much Content is up for Grabs? 

Generative AI has seen explosive growth over the past several months. During this fast-paced journey we’ve witnessed incredible capabilities of sophisticated AI models—and along with these capabilities have come a host of questions about ethics, privacy, and how our norms might change. One issue of concern is copyright: from infringement of existing copyrighted material to…


Infused Innovations Celebrates Four Consecutive Years On The Inc. 5000 Leaderboard!

Leading A.I. consulting firm has grown 179% over the last 3 years! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 16, 2023 Infused Innovations (401) 267-4460 [email protected]  East Greenwich, RI: Today, Inc. Magazine has unveiled that Infused Innovations proudly holds the distinguished position of No. 2921 on its esteemed annual Inc. 5000 roster. This list represents a unique look at the…


INSPIRE Environmental Uses Azure AI to Improve Efficiency and Streamline Data Analysis to Meet the Pace of Offshore Wind Development

INSPIRE Environmental (INSPIRE), a Venterra Group company and team of marine scientists focused on seafloor health, used Microsoft Azure solutions to streamline the analysis of complex ocean data. INSPIRE, which collects large volumes of data to help energy companies and government agencies understand the potential for their projects to impact seafloor health, was increasingly challenged…

Microsoft Inspire 2023

Microsoft Inspire 2023: What the Latest News Means for Your Company 

Microsoft recently hosted its annual partner conference, Inspire. This is an important event to follow because it highlights the areas that Microsoft will focus on in the coming year, and it’s a time when new available tools and products are announced. For company leaders, the conference offers opportunities for growth, connections, and the chance to…


The Complete Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Licensing Comparison

Full Microsoft 365 licensing comparison matrix of subscriptions that includes features and pricing for Office 365, EMS and Windows 10 Enterprise plans.

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Navigating the Cyber Seas: Sensationalism, Security, and the Need for Discerning Consumption

In this digital era, sensational headlines promising the latest exposé on a high-profile cyber breach or system compromise regularly garnish our newsfeeds. “Over a Million XYZ Platform Accounts Compromised!”, they scream, with the baited urgency of clickbait. It’s almost impossible to resist, isn’t it? Especially when the platform in question is the flavor of the…

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Unleashing Organizational Productivity with OpenAI: A Recap of the Infused Innovations Webinar

Join industry experts at Infused Innovations on Thursday, June 22, 2023, from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST as they discuss the potential of OpenAI as well as its impact on organizational productivity. The webinar, titled “OpenAI Unleashed: Empowering Organizational Productivity”, hosted by Phil Magnuszewski, Chief Innovation Officer; Jeffrey Wilhelm, Founder & CEO; and Alex…