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The Complete Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Licensing Comparison

The Complete Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Licensing Comparison

  I've only met one other person that could write the complete Office 365 and Microsoft 365 licensing comparison. That person is Glenton Davis, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft. (Although, I did stump him on a few CAS unified...
Budgeting for Microsoft Defender XDR and Zero Trust Security

Budgeting for Microsoft Defender XDR and Zero Trust Security

Building a Zero Trust Security framework with 20+ vendors has zero chance of success. This is why budgeting for Microsoft Defender XDR for Zero Trust Security must be at the forefront of a modern cybersecurity strategy for organizations of any...
Microsoft Defender For Endpoint Standalone is Now Available! (Formerly MD ATP)

Microsoft Defender For Endpoint Standalone is Now Available! (Formerly MD ATP)

Note: Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (MD ATP) Is Now Defender For Endpoint Update: As of August 2021, MDE P1 is also available bundled in Microsoft 365 E3/A3. Only two years overdue, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint standalone is now available!...

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Microsoft 365 Plans for Education

Educational institutions face the cybersecurity risks of other organizations and more. Because of certain factors inherent to the nature of educational places, these institutions are at a greater security risk. Limited budgets, privacy concerns, intellectual property, and specific compliance regulations create an atmosphere that’s different from most organizations. The multiplicity of college departments makes for…

Diagram shows tasks of Azure Sentinel: Collect, Detect, Investigate and Respond.

What is Azure Sentinel?

Just as a soldier stands guard, ready to defend against surprise attacks, so stands this duo of SIEM + SOAR for your Security Operations Center (SOC). And like a hawk with an overhead view, it does so from the cloud. Throw in a bit of AI, and you have Azure Sentinel. It provides intelligent security…

Screenshot of iPadOS connecting to WVD Windows Virtual Desktop.

Connect to WVD from Anywhere

Connect to WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop) from anywhere, on any device. Learn how to turn your iPad Pro into a WVD thin client with a bluetooth mouse.


WVD Pricing Guide (Windows Virtual Desktop)

WVD was released in preview back in March, and our step-by-step guide to deploy WVD is one of our most popular posts. Pricing for WVD has been known for a few months, but today Microsoft formally announced that Windows Virtual Desktop is now Generally Available (GA) worldwide. Let’s take a look at the total cost…


Pricing for Azure Sentinel is GA

After being in Preview since February 2019, Microsoft just announced the General Availability and pricing for Azure Sentinel today! As a Gold Microsoft Partner with competencies in Azure Cloud Platform, DevOps, Security, and Enterprise Mobility, we’re excited to announce that we are adding co-managed SIEM and SOAR to our Secqur Aether services starting on day…


Shared Responsibility Matrix for Cloud Services

When migrating to the cloud, organizations sometimes mistakenly assume that the cloud service provider (CSP) takes on the role of securing their data and maintaining compliance. While the CSP does have many responsibilities in these areas, it’s important to remember that the customer is also responsible. The service model you choose dictates your accountability in…


Shadow IT Discovery with Microsoft Cloud App Security

Apps! You run the world! I can just hear Beyonce’s voice in my head–mainly because I just listened to it on Google Play Music. And by continuously monitoring Shadow IT Discovery with Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS), which is built-in natively on Windows 10 devices, Azure also knows that I just listened to Google Play…


Cybersecurity Automation with Azure Sentinel for SIEM and SOAR

Traditional security operations centers could get away with pre-set prevention technology and detection mechanisms based on prior knowledge of attack methods. But in the past few years threats have developed rapidly in both number and sophistication. It’s no longer enough to look at intelligence as a one-way product addressing occasional threats. Moreover, not all threats…

Magic Quadrant for UEM 2019.

Microsoft Intune for Unified Endpoint Management Leads in Gartner’s UEM Magic Quadrant 2019

When vision and capability are combined, magic happens. Perhaps that’s why the research company called their visual assessment the Magic Quadrant: it places companies on a scale measuring their completeness of vision with their ability to execute, and then gives them a label of a niche player, challenger, visionary or leader depending on where they…


Financial Cybersecurity for Modern Hacks on World Banks

We hear about a large world bank hack almost every week these days. From the recent Capital One breach to the European Central Bank attack, how can you trust that your bank is safe? The financial industry must follow a number of compliance frameworks on their IT systems to secure and protect data. Unfortunately, we…


A Guide to Ransomware Protection with Microsoft 365

Protecting modern IT systems from ransomware is fairly simple now with Microsoft 365. Microsoft uses AI models and machine learning to process 6.5 trillion daily signals with a team of 3,500+ full-time security engineers that invest $1 billion annually in R&D. To put that in perspective, a managed SOC like Arctic Wolf processes “only” 20…


Embracing and Growing An Innovation Mindset

If you think of buzzwords that different people like to apply to their businesses, “innovative” is often at the top of the list. However, there’s a good reason for this. For an organization to be innovative, it implies that they:  Are paying attention to trends and other changes to their field.  Implement those changes as needed. Constantly…


Microsoft’s Windows Defender AV Earns “Top Product” Award in June 2019 Antivirus Comparison

Microsoft’s Windows Defender AV just received the top score and “Top Product” award from the independent German institute, AV-Test. Wow, that’s not something you hear very often! In fact, one of the most common statements that we hear when discussing cloud security with Microsoft 365 is: “Microsoft made the security abomination that is Windows XP,…


Go Passwordless With Microsoft 365

Using SMS for MFA and resetting passwords every 90 days is a losing game. People write passwords on sticky notes, and your phone carrier will let hackers port your phone number to a new SIM card. Going passwordless with biometric unlocks is the only way forward. Your phone can unlock with your fingerprint or FaceID,…


The Fundamentals of a Strong Cybersecurity Framework

The intent of implementing a cybersecurity framework is to increase the effort of an attacker to gain privileged access. By breaking the attacker’s economic attack model, you can effectively secure an attack vector. If we look at the statistics regarding data breaches, the sheer number of incidents has grown exponentially over the last 10 years…


Step-by-Step Guide to Configure Valimail for DMARC Monitoring With Office 365 and Azure SSO

Last month, Microsoft announced that anyone with an active Office 365 subscription can configure Valimail for DMARC monitoring for free! Great! But what the heck does that mean? In simple terms, it means you can eliminate 40-70% of phishing and spoofing attacks on your domain, and you’re going to help make the Internet a safer…


Zero Trust Security Concepts and Microsoft 365

88 records were lost or stolen every second in 2017, and that number is only likely to increase. The two most common settings for these breaches to take place are healthcare and banking as a distant second. As companies move to ensure their entire supply-chain is compliant to meet strict regulations, such as GDPR and…


Guide to Deploy Gen2 VMs in Azure

This week Microsoft announced the public preview of support to deploy gen2 VMs in Azure. Gen2 VMs have been around since Windows Server 2012 R2 for on-premises Hyper-V deployments. However, there are some serious limitations during the Azure preview. Let’s look at the benefits first. Why Should I Deploy Gen2 VMs in Azure? For security…


Guide to Deploy Office 365 ProPlus in Windows Virtual Desktop

I deployed Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) four times the day it came out and shared my thoughts about it. One of the first questions I received was how to deploy Office 365 ProPlus in Windows Virtual Desktop. That’s because if you run the web installer on any multi-user computer with Terminal Services, you’ll receive the…


Step-by-Step Guide to Deploy Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel is by far the most exciting announcement out of Redmond so far this year. Aside from that, what is Azure Sentinel? It’s a 100% cloud based Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solution. I’ve been referring to Log Analytics with Azure Security Center as Microsoft’s cloud SIEM solution for a couple years, but Azure…


Infused Innovations Earns Microsoft DevOps Gold Competency for their Azure DevSecOps Platform: Infused Threat Protection

We are proud to congratulate the Infused Innovations engineering team for their continued demonstration of expertise across the Microsoft cloud ecosystem. As Infused Innovations expands its service offerings into new areas, we have taken a three-pillar approach to our internal processes: automate for agility & consistency, deploy to the cloud for availability, and make sure…


The Complete Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Licensing Comparison

Full Microsoft 365 licensing comparison matrix of subscriptions that includes features and pricing for Office 365, EMS and Windows 10 Enterprise plans.


Step-by-Step Guide to Securing Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure with Conditional Access and MFA

One of my biggest complaints about using Azure AD P1 to issue Azure MFA challenges on a traditional RDS deployment via RADIUS authentication is that it issues an MFA challenge on every login. That’s almost as frustrating as trying to understand Microsoft Licensing. Fortunately, securing Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure with Conditional Access and MFA…


Step-by-Step Guide to Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) was finally released to public preview GA (UPDATED 9/2019), so here’s your step-by-step guide to deploy Windows Virtual Desktop! For those of you that have been living under a rock (or spending time with your friends and families), WVD is Microsoft’s new Desktop-as-a-Service offering to provide Windows 10 virtual desktop infrastructure…


Threat Hunting with Azure AD Premium Subscriptions

Every cloud security workshop that I perform with a client to enable Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) suite typically yields an unpleasant surprise. I had the CFO of one company demand the immediate implementation of Roles Based Access Control (RBAC) after seeing the granularity of the audit capabilities of Cloud App Security. During my…


Troubleshooting Code Challenges and SQL with Azure App Insights

Sometimes we are engaged to solve tough infrastructure performance problems. We’ve all been in situations where the infrastructure team is blaming the developers, the developers are blaming the infrastructure, and the product or project manager is frustrated because nothing is getting solved. Fortunately, tools like Azure App Insights can quickly identify performance issues with SQL…


Better together: Conditional Access with Azure MFA (Multifactor Authentication)

As enabling multifactor authentication is the number one security recommendation to improve your Microsoft Secure Score, let’s take a look at why it’s better to deploy Conditional Access with Azure MFA together. We’ll walk through deploying Azure MFA for all of your users in a single day and most users won’t even notice! Isn’t Office…


You’re on the Wrong Microsoft 365 License for your Business

Well, you’re probably on the wrong Microsoft 365 business license. If you’re on one of the following plans, then skip this article: Microsoft 365 E5 Microsoft 365 E3 plus Microsoft 365 E5 Security (Previously called Identity Threat Protection) Microsoft 365 Business plus Azure AD P2 But if you’re like most organizations that we speak to,…

Block chain network and programming concept on technology background

Infused Innovations Acquires Serengeti Labs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Infused Innovations Acquires Serengeti Labs Enhancing Focus on Applied Technology, AI, Machine Learning, and IoT Infused Innovations (401) 267-4460 [email protected]   North Kingstown, RI: On Monday, Infused Innovations announced the acquisition of the applied technologies and innovation firm, Serengeti Labs. This represents a move by Infused Innovations to focus more on applied and emerging technologies…


Top 10 Security Best Practices with Microsoft 365 in 2021

Welcome to my initial blog post for our Secure Modern Workplace series! At Infused Innovations, one of our core security philosophies is that human minds can no longer keep up with the pace of cyberattacks. We must leverage automation through artificial intelligence to respond to security threats. With that in mind, let’s look at some…

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Infused Innovations Announces New CISO

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Infused Innovations Announces New CISORepresents the importance of Cybersecurity for Organizations of all Sizes  Infused Innovations (401) 267-4460 [email protected]   North Kingstown, RI: On Monday, Infused Innovations formally announced the promotion of Dan Chemistruck to Chief Information Security Officer.  Dan, an industry veteran and already VP of Services, will start immediately in this new role.     As CISO, Dan will “drive strategic, cross-discipline…