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Infused Innovations Acquires Serengeti Labs

Infused Innovations Acquires Serengeti Labs 1

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Infused Innovations Acquires Serengeti Labs
Enhancing Focus on Applied Technology, AI, Machine Learning, and IoT

Infused Innovations 
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North Kingstown, RI: On Monday, Infused Innovations announced the acquisition of the applied technologies and innovation firm, Serengeti Labs. This represents a move by Infused Innovations to focus more on applied and emerging technologies to help work with clients to accelerate their Digital Transformation journey.

Many of our clients don’t have the resources to build and operate a proper Innovation Lab. The addition of this new division will allow our company to work with clients on very strategic, high-value proof-of-concept engagements to test and pilot new technologies like IoT, Azure Sphere, augmented reality, blockchain and robotics to name a few.

Jeff Wilhelm, CEO of Infused Innovations

Announcing New Chief Operating Officer

Heading up this new division will be Phil Magnuszewski, Founder and Executive Director of Serengeti Labs. In addition, Phil will be taking on overall COO responsibilities for Infused Innovations.

We’ve been working on some interesting projects in the areas of sports technology and water quality management – both involving new and novel uses for IoT technology and analytics. By joining the Infused Innovations team, we’ll be looking at taking on larger, more complex engagements to help corporate, non-profit, and government organizations unlock the value these emerging technologies using a low-cost / low-risk framework.

Phil Magnuszewski, COO Infused Innovations

Serengeti Labs will continue to operate out of the UMASS iHub located in Lowell, MA.

About Infused Innovations: Headquartered in North Kingstown, RI and with additional offices in Lowell, MA and San Diego, CA. Infused Innovations helps organizations securely design, implement and operationalize emerging technologies to drive business value.

With the Infused Innovations acquisition of Serengeti Labs, we will be expanding our cloud security division, Secqur, to incorporate new AI and machine learning techniques developed at Serengeti Labs. This includes IoT security and security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR).

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