Silicon Review Magazine Names Infused Innovations Top 50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2021 1

Silicon Review Magazine Names Infused Innovations Top 50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2021


Silicon Review Magazine Names Infused Innovations Top 50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2021

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The Silicon Review Magazine ranked the 50 best workplaces of the year 2021 for small to medium-sized businesses and Infused Innovations is proud to have made the list.

“It’s important now, more than ever, to have a workplace that employees enjoy, feel that they bring value to, and can flourish in,” says The Silicon Review. 

Infused Innovations was recognized for the community, flexibility, and support they offer their employees. Jeffrey Wilhelm, CEO of Infused Innovations, was interviewed by The Silicon Review Magazine where he shares his take on why his team is flourishing, amidst a time that many organizations are not. 

“Individual achievements and creativity are celebrated at Infused Innovations,” says Jeffrey Wilhelm. “At our all-hands meetings, we will schedule staff to talk about recent work they have done, and everyone is empowered to blog, participate in webinars or podcasts, and be active in their communities. We reward our employees for taking part in these activities with gift cards and recognition. We find that their collaborative work and sharing model brings out the best in our staff.”

Jeffrey goes on to say, “Because Infused Innovations has always been a 100% remote/work from home company, we measure employees not based on “time in chair” but on meaningful contributions, customer experience and satisfaction, and quality outcomes. We implicitly trust our staff to be adults, communicate effectively with others on their team, and do what is in our customers’ best interests. By having an all-hands meeting where people can share their contributions and work together, we lift up what we value and celebrate it.”

You can read the full interview here and see the complete list of winners here. 


About Infused Innovations: Headquartered in North Kingstown, RI with an innovation lab in Lowell, MA, Infused Innovations is a strategy and innovation consultancy that helps organizations digitally transform their businesses and industries by securely leveraging emerging technologies. Its holistic approach values social responsibility and sustainability in addition to trustworthy computing and technology. Additional recognition recently earned by Infused Innovations includes Microsoft US (MSUS) Partner Award in the Modern Work & Security category, ranking #16 in Channel Futures’ MSP 501, Top 50 most influential companies of the year 2021, and Top 10 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2021 by CIO Views magazine.

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