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Create Your Zero Trust Business Plan

Create Your Zero Trust Business Plan 2

The recent Solarigate news has many of us chilled and concerned about how to protect ourselves and our organizations. It’s clear that we can’t take cybersecurity for granted and we can never be too careful with our data and networks. That’s why we strongly recommend adopting a Zero Trust policy. Within this type of security framework, trustworthiness is never assumed and the utmost care is put into tight cybersecurity. But it can be a bit tricky to set up and get running, especially if this type of security standard isn’t what you’ve done in the past. Now Microsoft has developed a Zero Trust Business Plan document to help guide you through the process that will best strengthen your company’s cybersecurity.

Zero Trust Principles


Zero Trust is a philosophy and practice that is meant to extend throughout an organization, integrated into the entire cybersecurity strategy. There are three main guiding principles that you want to follow in a Zero Trust framework:

Microsoft’s Zero Trust Business Plan


Microsoft just released their Zero Trust Business Plan document, which provides guidance through the life cycle of implementing and carrying out a Zero Trust initiative. It features insights from business leaders who have integrated Zero Trust into their own organizations’ security strategies. In it you can find tips on how to plan, implement, and measure the success of your process. What does a good strategy look like? What kinds of milestones should you shoot for? How can you measure security effectiveness? If you’re new to Zero Trust and want to get started or become more acquainted with it, this document is a straightforward, fairly quick read to get you pointed in the right direction.

More Zero Trust Guidance and Resources

Microsoft also provides additional help with Zero Trust to aid organizations in building a plan and making the best use of what the framework has to offer:

And, as always, we are happy to give you guidance and answer questions as well. Send us a message and let’s chat Zero Trust!

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