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Great Customer Relationships Means Great Communication

Picture shows great communication during a meeting.

For those who want to build a customer-first culture at their organization, communication is crucial. This means more than just answering the phone and responding quickly to emails. It’s important to be aware of many different aspects and know just how your customer fits in. For really great communication, you should know the individuals, titles and job levels for all of the interactions with your customers. Making the extra effort will pay off both in terms of relationships and financially. Let’s dive in with some specific questions you can ask yourself to ensure excellent communication and give customers the message that their time and connections with you are important.

Chats & Shared Channels

Email Communications

During Meetings

Other Thoughts for Great Communication

After a while your mental checklist may start to come automatically, allowing for smooth interactions. There are also deeper elements to consider, such as transparency and honesty with your customers. Sometimes saying no to a customer is necessary. If you know an option isn’t feasible or something you’d advise, don’t be afraid to be clear about it. Likewise, be honest about the delivery your customers can expect in a given situation. People appreciate honesty, and it can really improve trust.  And if something’s moving off track, it’s okay to pause projects or conversations in order to reset the direction and regroup on strategic long term goals. Lastly, the best customer relationships happen when customers’ needs are prioritized over internal business. By focusing on customers’ success and identifying their journeys, you can then bring in the right resources at the right times for them—and you’ll probably find that it’s right for your organization too.


Communication is crucial between leaders and their employees as well. See our recent blog about retaining employees and keeping them happy, too.


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