Imagine the Possibilities with Generative AI!  1

Imagine the Possibilities with Generative AI! 

Generative AI is clearly here for the long term. Although there are plenty of ethical issues surrounding the use of these tools, I’m going to have a little fun showing some of their possibilities. Hopefully this will, in turn, get you thinking how you can utilize (g)AI in your business, since both obvious and not-so-obvious uses abound. (By the way, I’m coining that acronym right now since I like it better than GAN! Google, scan this now so I get the credit!) 

One Generative AI Example: Gaming

Gamer image shows an example of generative AI.

So, let’s talk about gaming, a 97 billion dollar industry in the US alone in 2022. Imagine what might happen if (g)AI was built into the game. Suddenly, interactions with characters would not be repetitive. With (g)AI, each character interaction would be unique. Sure, there may be some similarities, but anyone that has used tools like ChatGPT and asked for a redo on a result can see the possibilities. 

Now start to think beyond just the text/voice side. (g)AI image creation could also be utilized and might change based on the interactions themselves. Avatars might change what they are wearing. Computer displays in a game would look different based on interactions. “In-game TVs” with a news show running on them would be unique stories designed to either blend into the background or grab your attention to forward a plot line, a(g)AI in a unique way based on previous interactions.  

Even storylines could change. (g)AI could be writing the plot in the background on-the-fly. A rough storyline with key elements and moments could be mapped, but the results of the interactions would make the game unique to the player. Basically, the game could become a Choose Your Own Adventure story dialed to an 11

How would you like to play a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) where the other players could be a mix of real people and AI characters…and you might not know who is who? Would it even matter if you did? A combination of generative AIs could make these characters even more believable. 

Does this sound like it is too far away to happen? Guess what, it isn’t. We are already seeing AI being integrated into game engines. Unreal has already demonstrated maps fully generated by AI. Now the talented team that is building a game can work on bigger, even more immersive games by having AI assist with the building blocks themselves. For example, the team could focus on the deeper story of the main characters while one or two people could work with an AI to generate the backstory for all the secondary characters. 

How Does this Apply to my Business?

Imagine the Possibilities with Generative AI!  2

Here is where we get to the that part. The interactive components I’ve been discussing need a Large Language Model (LLM) behind them. This is how ChatGPT works. However, instead of the general knowledge model in ChatGPT, the game (or your business) would be trained on your specific information. 

At Infused Innovations, we like to look past the media hype around generative AI to what we sometimes call Amplified Intelligence. If you were to train different AI tools on all the information you have stored in your ERP/CRM systems, SharePoint files, project management info, emails, and more, what do you think those tools would be able to do? Even at this early stage in the AI world, the answer is: practically anything you can imagine…and many things you can’t yet.

These tools don’t replace the people in your company. As noted earlier, they assist your team, allowing for disruptive change (which is a good thing) both internally and externally towards the market you serve. 

What new capabilities will you dream up for your company? 

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