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Microsoft Purview Combines Data Governance and Compliance

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The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and digitally oriented. This is the case across industries and different aspects of our lives—healthcare, insurance, shopping, work. With such dependence on this connection from any location through digital means, there are lots of bases to cover in terms of data organization, security, and compliance in regulation standards. To encompass management and protection over these multifaceted and blending areas, Microsoft has just announced Microsoft Purview, a fusion offering for data governance and compliance.

Microsoft Purview

This new set of solutions is meant for governing, protecting, and managing a company’s entire data estate, and the comprehensive grouping together is Microsoft Purview. It combines the data governance capabilities from previously titled Azure Purview and the Microsoft 365 Compliance portfolio. This way data and compliance management are both taken care of in one integrated solution set.

The grouping allows for visibility and easy access to the whole data estate as well as the security solutions for it. Management of sensitive data should be easier to track across the wide variety of endpoints and apps that are now being used in organizations. And having compliance in the same bundle can streamline purchasing as well as management of data usage regarding regulatory codes. The solution set is enhanced by AI and includes the following security capabilities:

More Name Changes

In case you were just thinking Microsoft hadn’t changed any of its product naming this week, here’s a big list for you. Like the name changes last fall, they reflect a shift away from the Azure branding to emphasize broader possibilities. New names also show how these tools are part of the Microsoft Purview set now.

Capabilities Expanded for macOS Users & More

Since a lot of work is done on mac devices, Microsoft also announced the general availability of Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for macOS endpoints. This is nice because DLP is an important data protection tool and it makes sense to have these devices included under that capability. (It is only compatible with mac operating systems Catalina or higher.)

There are other improvements included with Microsoft Purview as well. In order to better identify sensitive data, there are now over 50 new classifiers in the catalog of information types. These can be used in a variety of different actions, including auto-labeling, Data Lifecycle Management, and eDiscovery. A new co-authoring encryption ability between mobile devices (both iOS and Android) is in preview now, allowing users to autosave and collaborate in real-time with a high level of security.

And with massive amounts of data being generated, part of its organization is making retention and deletion decisions. A new preview brings multi-stage retention to Data Lifecycle Management, automatically applying a new label when an item reaches the end of its designated retention period. These labels can help administrators quickly identify older data that they may wish to delete. Identification of important data in Microsoft Teams is also made possible with eDiscovery (Premium).

On the compliance side, continuous compliance assessments in the Compliance Manager are now generally available. And new features help with communications compliance, finding conduct violations like harassment or adult content within employee communications.

Managing Data and Compliance Together

As always, if you have any questions about changes or features in Microsoft Purview, feel free to give us a call or send us a message. We can help you determine whether this new combined offering might be right for your organization and make sure you’re covered in these important areas.


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