Infused Innovations Earns the Microsoft Security Competency 1

Infused Innovations Earns the Microsoft Security Competency

The Microsoft Security competency has been awarded to Infused Innovations for their recently announced Intelligent Threat Protection service. ITP is a security orchestration, automation, and response service that sits on top of the Microsoft security stack, and includes other strategic partnerships such as Jamf and KnowBe4. By earning this Security competency, which Microsoft also recently released in September of this year, Infused Innovations has become one of the first partners to hold this high achievement status. By earning the Microsoft Security Competency, Infused Innovations is now in an elite category of partners that hold 10+ competencies.

What it means to be a Microsoft Gold Partner


Logo states Microsoft Gold Partner, an additional achievement with the Microsoft Security competency.


Today’s technology is constantly evolving, and customers need the best providers to help keep them current and thriving. As a Gold Microsoft partner, Infused Innovations is committed to continuously improving our services and the rapid adoption of new technology. Microsoft’s chosen partners are those specialists who truly have a deep understanding of their industry and consistently show the skills and experience necessary to help their clients excel. These are some of the things you can count on when you choose to work with a Microsoft Gold Partner:

  • Verifiable, up-to-date expertise in products and solutions
  • Specialized knowledge of essential technologies
  • Top delivery reliability
  • The highest assurance in security
  • Dedication to meeting customers’ needs and expectations
  • Excellence in project planning, implementation and compliance
  • Access to Microsoft product teams
  • Eligibility for Microsoft programs to help accelerate your digital transformation

How our Microsoft Security Competency can Keep your Organization Up to Date


Diagram of Microsoft Security Framework and signal data.


Infused Innovations’ Microsoft competency in Security recognizes our excellence in working with Microsoft 365 and Azure security. This means that you can be confident in our planning and implementation of these powerful services. These are some of the crucial features that we can provide for your enterprise through our Microsoft partnership:

Threat Protection

In today’s arena threats are developing rapidly, with cyber-attackers becoming more sophisticated and numerous all the time. Businesses must ensure that they are able to protect their data and users from this increasing cybersecurity risk. Microsoft 365 provides security packages for customers ranging from small businesses without formal IT or infrastructure to large enterprises with complex environments and needs. Security services like Azure Sentinel provide state-of-the-art protection methods that make use of advanced cybersecurity automation to free up IT time for busy companies.

Information Safeguarding

As companies grow, they also need to keep good track of how their data is protected and who can access it. Microsoft 365 allows for strong control over data storage and usage. It helps businesses prevent data loss and ensure that they are meeting compliance standards. Services like Office Advanced Security Management and Azure Information Protection provide enhanced visibility and control over data access, and Intune presents exceptional user experience and flexibility.

Identity and Access Management

Likewise, user identity needs to be protected. Technology is moving toward biometric and passwordless authentication, and we are right here to help with this security-enhancing process. During that transition, Microsoft 365 allows for two-factor authentication for additional identity safety, while providing the best tools for keeping user identity private and secure.

Security Management

Microsoft’s approach to security management is built on a trio of platform, intelligence, and partners. Its products are designed for optimal visibility and control, with built-in guidance which partners like Infused Innovations reinforce. It offers intelligent management options for every kind of device in your workplace. As Microsoft Gold partners and Microsoft Security competency holders, we’re proud to be part of this comprehensive network providing the strongest security for businesses.

Infused Innovations’ Other Microsoft Competencies

Our dedication to cutting-edge excellence shows through our many other Microsoft competencies as well:

  • Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Productivity
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Platform
  • DevOps
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Independent Software Vendor
  • Security
  • Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
  • Windows and Devices

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