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Microsoft Tools Every Intern Should Know About

Microsoft Tools Every Intern Should Know About 2

Here at Infused Innovations we have a couple new interns, and…well, they’ve got a lot to learn. Walt and Joey are only five years old, though, so we’ll cut them some slack. They’ve actually been doing fabulously in our short-clip video series designed to inform others of some resources every intern should know about. We thought we’d take a moment to go over what our interns are learning, and how these Microsoft tools can help your company too.

OneDrive Folder Protection


Uh-oh, Joey downloaded something he shouldn’t have. Watch the video here!


OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service. It’s handy even for personal use, allowing users to back up photos or documents and access them anywhere. In business settings, it’s also useful for team collaboration in editing files. Perhaps even more important than its convenience, though, is that it keeps files safe in the event that a particular device is compromised.

In our Interns video clip, Joey loses access to his files when he downloads WannaCry, mistaking the infamous ransomware for a game that reminds him of babies and looks like fun. But if he’s using OneDrive and has enabled its Folder Protection, he won’t need to pay any ransom. His files will automatically be backed up in his OneDrive cloud account. He can also do this across different devices, so that the locked files on his own tablet will still be accessible on Walt’s.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice


See a video about getting calls forwarded to the right place.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a replacement for traditional telephone systems, which can be expensive and difficult to manage. Built within the central hub of Microsoft Teams, it extends that platform’s capabilities beyond individual and group calls and chats, into automated answering services as well. A company using it can set up call forwarding, voicemail, toll-free dialing, and more. Its voice menus free up our interns from having to field calls that aren’t relevant to them—auto attendants direct calls to the right place, so they can focus on learning the ins and outs of workplace security instead.

Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection: Safe Links


Here’s the video of Joey falling for a tempting link.

If you’ve got employees who are vulnerable to clicking on seemingly innocent links, Safe Links within Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) could be a life-saver. Whether the problem is gullibility or poor eyesight, you don’t want your users following malicious links. When our intern Joey is lured into clicking on a link promising free toys, we’re all thankful that we’ve got Safe Links set up. That means that the moment he clicks on the link, it is scanned for malicious content and/or a blocked URL list that we’ve created. Instead of directing him to the harmful URL, he’ll be alerted with a warning page. This is just one of a host of protection tools within Microsoft 365 ATP (formerly called Office 365 ATP).

Microsoft Cloud App Security



Joey and Walt have a lot of apps on their tablets—a number something like infinity. Chances are, your organization uses that many too. With such vast usage of various applications, it’s important for administrators to be able to monitor what goes on within them. With its featured Shadow IT, Microsoft Cloud App Security can assess an app’s risk levels, track usage patterns, and detect unusual behavior for potential threats. It can also help maintain compliance standards and analyze data to reduce vulnerabilities going forward. Or, it can simply allow forgetful interns to check logs and verify who changed a file name.

Learn More About Helpful Microsoft Tools


If you’d like to learn more about these Microsoft tools and get other tips on optimizing your digital workspace, give our interns a call. (If they’re too busy doing their homework or playing with Legos, an auto attendant may direct your call to a more senior engineer.) In the meantime, see our videos and other insights in your Instagram feed by following @infusedinnovation.



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