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Using Power Apps as Technology for Wind Energy Components Supply

Making use of the best technology for wind energy is an exciting and important way to work toward a greener future. Wind energy companies around the world have turned to the supplier Baettr for over ten years for components they need to provide this clean energy. Baettr has a reputation for precision and is involved in the whole process of creating turbine components, from initial design to assembly. Until recently, all of the documentation for its processes, as well as its regulatory paperwork, was handled manually and mostly on paper. As Baettr began to expand, the company realized it had to modernize its workflow in order to scale to reach a wider customer base. The answer they needed was a customized solution built with Microsoft’s Power Platform.

Technology for Wind Energy’s Industry

Manufacture and delivery in the wind energy industry involves working with heavy steel alloy parts that often weigh up to 40 tonnes. With quality standards and legal regulations, all of these components must be rigorously checked at every stage, and the processes and transport are well-documented. In order for Baettr to work efficiently and reduce operating costs, they use a just-in-time manufacturing method with limited inventory on hand. As in many industries, documentation was done manually and was paper-based, which slowed processes down.

The company has manufacturing plants in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, China, and India—and operating in multiple countries means there are different standards to adhere to. The fluctuating just-in-time method of responding quickly right when customers need components, together with these varied plant locations and the different documentation needed for each of them, began to bog down the company. Human error crept in too often. Papers got misfiled or lost. Workflows became held up.

Baettr was using Microsoft tools already, so they sought out a way to streamline their data and documentation through a digital solution that would integrate with the environment they were already working in.

Power Apps for a Custom Solution

The company knew they wanted greater visibility and scalability as their customer base grew. They wanted to bring together the processes for production and data collection, and be able to analyze their data to continually improve their operations. All of this needed to be easily accessible on common devices and in multiple languages for their different production sites.

A good fit for their needs was Power Apps, which reduced the need for a team of specialized developers and allowed the Baettr team themselves to take over further development after the initial setup. They were able to create a solution run by Power Automate, connected to SharePoint, and hosted in Microsoft Azure. It provides transparency and great visibility, enabling Baettr employees to use Power BI to gather insights from their data and optimize processes. They can access the tools they need even from their smartphones.

Also a benefit for a clean energy supply company, it helps eliminate their use of paper. That means not only greener practices, but more reliable and convenient ones too. They can now track their parts and the documentation for them much easier, immediately, from any location.

Using Power Apps as Technology for Wind Energy Components Supply 1

Collaboration with a Microsoft Partner

In order to make this happen, Baettr turned to Denmark-based IT partner extri:co, who worked with them to build the custom solution they needed. Their collaborative process involved a lot of dialogue, with Baettr expressing what they desired and extri:co providing technical design and expertise. They worked together to ensure the result would be optimal for Baettr’s team, at their present stage and in the future as the company develops. The solution they built empowers Baettr to effectively scale and evolve it over time, so that even the solution itself can be improved as they grow.

Infused Innovations takes the same kind of collaborative approach when working with clients on projects—we take the time to learn what an organization really needs to thrive and grow. We are dedicated to going on that journey with you, and we want to help more in clean energy fields like wind energy. Partnered with Microsoft and based in the U.S., Infused Innovations is well poised to help you leverage the strongest technologies to make your best impact in the world. Contact us with questions or learn more about our own client project stories.

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