Automate Information Lifecycle Management for Compliance and Governance

Automate Information Lifecycle Management for Compliance and Governance 1

The last of our four Compliance Accelerators is one that will help your organization automate information lifecycle management. It’s the final part of a well-structured process for good compliance and governance at your company. This follows our other three accelerators in this series: This final Compliance Accelerator takes all of the information and priorities established…

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Using a Compliance Accelerator to Satisfy Regulatory Compliance and Privacy Requirements

Image of a man ensuring his company meets compliance regulations and privacy requirements.

Our Compliance Accelerators are packaged services that guide organizations through governance and compliance, areas that are often daunting to businesses. After building an Information Governance Strategy and identifying sensitive data and risks in your organization, the third Accelerator is to help you satisfy regulatory compliance and privacy requirements. We leverage industry guidance and best practices to…

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A Compliance Accelerator to Help You Build an Information Governance Strategy

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Many start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) hit the ground running, taking care of hiring, marketing, inventory, workflow, countless other aspects of running a company…and within all of this, information governance is often put on a back burner. ​Yet today’s workforce is full of data which is constantly accumulating. Companies can use this data in many ways—but…

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Introducing Our Compliance Accelerators

Introducing Our Compliance Accelerators 3

Are you concerned with new compliance regulations or the wave of news around data breaches? These issues are pressing concerns for businesses today. With so much data collected online, data privacy is an important area to be mindful of and manage properly. This is not only ethical good practice, it’s also necessary for various compliance…

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