The Most Common Cyber Threats to Be Aware Of

The Most Common Cyber Threats to Be Aware Of 1

Cyber crimes are all over the place. Hackers are just waiting to make a big profit off of vulnerable parties, devices and networks. Every organization needs to be on guard for attacks that will inevitably occur. Small- and medium-sized businesses in particular are often prime targets, and they’re usually not prepared for what’s coming. Since…

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Integrate External Attack Surface Management (EASM) with Microsoft Sentinel

Integrate External Attack Surface Management (EASM) with Microsoft Sentinel 4

RiskIQ, an External Attack Surface Management (EASM) company that Microsoft acquired last year, helps customers assess and monitor all of their areas of potential attack across their enterprise. This covers not only endpoints but also multiple cloud environments, SaaS platforms, and in the supply chain as well. It identifies vulnerable assets, remediating them before attackers…

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Microsoft Defender for Cloud: the Only Offering that Natively Supports Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud

Cloud graphic represents Microsoft Defender for Cloud's support for multiple cloud platforms.

The three largest cloud infrastructure providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud (in that order, according to market share). They each offer an array of capabilities and conveniences—on top of data storage, customers can use them to build applications, run projects, track analytics, and more. Many customers, especially enterprises, have aspects…

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Facts and Misconceptions About Zero Trust

Facts and Misconceptions About Zero Trust 9

Cybercrime reports have gone up over 300% in the last couple years. And a surprisingly large number of breaches happen with company employees involved, often because of mistakes like falling for phishing baits. Any insider in the company can potentially be a point of vulnerability that can expose the whole network. That’s why a Zero…

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Cyberattacks in 2021 Doubled Those of 2020

Cyberattacks in 2021 Doubled Those of 2020 13

If 2020 was the year of Covid chaos, 2021 was the year of cybercrime explosion. Of course, both of these roller-coaster years were much more complicated and neither can be summed up in one simple term like that. But it’s true that cyberattacks have risen dramatically this year, making even 2020 look tame in comparison.…

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10 Cybersecurity Stats You Need to Know

Cybersecurity stats are represented an image of an electronic chip.

Cyber attackers are smart, capable, and only becoming more so as time goes on. With increased vulnerability from public health fears and shuffled work settings, individuals and companies have suffered a great deal of attacks in the last couple years. And that’s on top of what was already a teeming problem. Some of the numbers…

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What is Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR)?

Conceptual graphic suggests reconstructed elements.

Much of cybersecurity depends on detection—like the detection & response solutions we’ve written about recently. But there’s another, less common way to approach malware threats. Content Disarm and Reconstruction, or CDR, strips down a file’s active content and rebuilds the file with only known, safe elements. Sometimes called file sanitization, CDR delivers a clean, “sanitized”…

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