10 Cybersecurity Stats You Need to Know

Cybersecurity stats are represented an image of an electronic chip.

Cyber attackers are smart, capable, and only becoming more so as time goes on. With increased vulnerability from public health fears and shuffled work settings, individuals and companies have suffered a great deal of attacks in the last couple years. And that’s on top of what was already a teeming problem. Some of the numbers…

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What is Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR)?

Conceptual graphic suggests reconstructed elements.

Much of cybersecurity depends on detection—like the detection & response solutions we’ve written about recently. But there’s another, less common way to approach malware threats. Content Disarm and Reconstruction, or CDR, strips down a file’s active content and rebuilds the file with only known, safe elements. Sometimes called file sanitization, CDR delivers a clean, “sanitized”…

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Microsoft 365 XDR

Microsoft 365 XDR 6

Disclaimer: It’s not actually called Microsoft 365 XDR. (But a lot of people like to type that into a search engine.) MD XDR encompasses the entire security suite while the M365 security suite is referred to as Microsoft 365 Defender. We agree with you–it’s just as confusing as the prior ATP product names. Extended Detection…

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What Are the Differences Between MDR, EDR and XDR for Cybersecurity?

What Are the Differences Between MDR, EDR and XDR for Cybersecurity? 7

You may have been hearing about XDR in recent months—this is a rising technology that improves upon MDR and EDR, which themselves are great advancements from older solutions. Gartner predicts that the majority of enterprises will have replaced legacy security software with one of these advanced solutions by 2023. So what do all these offerings…

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XDR Pioneers and Leaders

XDR Pioneers and Leaders 8

One of the strongest cybersecurity offerings today is Extended Detection and Response, or XDR. It combines and centralizes security data from several sources: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM); Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR); Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR); and Network Traffic Analysis (NTA). Because these elements are all working together, visibility and and…

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5 Ways to Reduce Your SOC’s Alert Fatigue

5 Ways to Reduce Your SOC's Alert Fatigue 9

With increasing digital and cloud-based work, cybersecurity threats are a continuous and growing concern. Large companies often have dozens of security products from multiple vendors in order to stay on top of these threats. Because of this reality, security operation centers (SOCs) face a deluge of alerts coming from every direction—so many, in fact, that…

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Microsoft Defender for Mobile Endpoints

Microsoft Defender for Mobile Endpoints 10

We’ve written about Microsoft Defender for Endpoints and Microsoft Defender XDR. The Defender stack is a cybersecurity platform that encompasses several elements of antivirus protection. These are generally targeted toward enterprise computer networks in cloud-based or hybrid business environments. But Microsoft Defender is also available for mobile endpoints. Last summer it first became available for…

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Security and Productivity Don’t Have to Be Opposites

Security and Productivity Don't Have to Be Opposites 11

Some of the most common challenges we hear from our clients have to do with a perceived battle between security and productivity. We hear CISOs saying, “I can’t implement security because it makes my staff crazy / slows them down / kills their productivity.” Or, alternately said, “My employees can only be productive if I…

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Forrester Finds Over 200% ROI in Azure Sentinel After Three Years

Forrester Finds Over 200% ROI in Azure Sentinel After Three Years 12

A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study published this month analyzed the financial effects for companies using Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel. Forrester interviewed customers who previously used on-premises SIEM solutions and have now switched to the cloud-based Azure Sentinel. The organizations participating in the study specialized in IT services, big data, financial services, and e-commerce on…

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Remote Work Leaves Many Organizations Open to Cybersecurity Risks

Remote Work Leaves Many Organizations Open to Cybersecurity Risks 13

With COVID-19 as an ongoing threat, people have moved to remote work at home more than ever before. Many have made this change unexpectedly, feeling their way in a process they weren’t planning on adopting. For those who didn’t work remotely before, adapting to the new scenario while maintaining productivity and well-being have been common…

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