What’s Your Vision of the Metaverse?

What's Your Vision of the Metaverse? 1

The other day I had my first dream about the metaverse. Some friends and family were going to play a game, much like laser tag, that incorporated virtual elements into our physical space. I was new to the game, though, and when I asked a friend how to play, he rudely told me to look…

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What is the Metaverse and Why It’s Going to Save the World

What's Your Vision of the Metaverse? 6

At first glance, the term Metaverse seems like something straight out of the Marvel Universe.  In reality, the Microsoft Metaverse is the culmination and integration of a set of applications both in the intelligent cloud and at the edge — working in harmony to bring this concept to life right here on planet Earth.  The vision of the…

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