The LEGO Group’s Experience on Windows 365 Cloud PC

A rainbow of LEGO bricks and mini-figures shows a range of colors and also celebrates pride month.

The world’s largest toy company is one built on blocks, color, and imagination—and now it’s building a company cloud infrastructure that makes it easier for any kind of user to access from anywhere. The LEGO Group was founded in 1932 in Billund, Denmark, and is still headed by the same family. Its name derives from…

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Top Announcements from Microsoft Build 2022

Logo image for Microsoft Build 2022

At Microsoft Build 2022, the tech giant’s annual conference geared towards developers and software engineers, there was a lot of exciting news discussed in the various roundtables and online connection zones. Here are some of our favorite announcements from the conference. Applied AI: Azure Form Recognizer We know that AI continues to gain new capabilities,…

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Microsoft Purview Combines Data Governance and Compliance

Image of sky and palm trees represents Microsoft Purview's visibility and ease.

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and digitally oriented. This is the case across industries and different aspects of our lives—healthcare, insurance, shopping, work. With such dependence on this connection from any location through digital means, there are lots of bases to cover in terms of data organization, security, and compliance in regulation standards. To…

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Microsoft Not Acquiring TikTok

Microsoft Not Acquiring TikTok 9

Update: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is not acquiring TikTok and plans to announce Oracle as the winner. Good news for your teenage kids: their favorite new app may soon undergo some big security improvements. Actually, they may not even be paying attention to the strengths or weaknesses behind this trendy video-sharing…

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10 Ways to Use Microsoft 365 for Campaigns in 2020

10 Ways to Use Microsoft 365 for Campaigns in 2020 10

As we near this year’s U.S. presidential election, one big concern on people’s minds is whether the process will be secure and free from outside interference. Microsoft has responded to this concern with its Defending Democracy Program, its most recent development being Microsoft 365 for Campaigns. This is a simple and powerful service meant for…

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