Accessibility in Microsoft 365

Accessibility in Microsoft 365 1

Today’s companies have diversities of all kinds—not just race and gender but age and ability as well. Everyone should have the opportunity to do their best work, regardless of their particular abilities and challenges. Infused Innovations is committed to helping users of all capabilities achieve more and be more productive. We see this as part…

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Telephone Plans in Microsoft Teams

Telephone Plans in Microsoft Teams 2

If you’re familiar with Microsoft Teams, you probably know it as a hub for communication and collaboration within the workplace. It serves as a convenient place to do group or individual chat, calling, and file sharing. But Teams offers even more than that. It’s also a good platform for education and distance learning, and even…

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Microsoft Tools Every Intern Should Know About

Microsoft Tools Every Intern Should Know About 4

Here at Infused Innovations we have a couple new interns, and…well, they’ve got a lot to learn. Walt and Joey are only five years old, though, so we’ll cut them some slack. They’ve actually been doing fabulously in our short-clip video series designed to inform others of some resources every intern should know about. We…

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10 Ways to Use Microsoft 365 for Campaigns in 2020

10 Ways to Use Microsoft 365 for Campaigns in 2020 5

As we near this year’s U.S. presidential election, one big concern on people’s minds is whether the process will be secure and free from outside interference. Microsoft has responded to this concern with its Defending Democracy Program, its most recent development being Microsoft 365 for Campaigns. This is a simple and powerful service meant for…

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Microsoft 365 Plans for Education

Microsoft 365 Plans for Education 6

Educational institutions face the cybersecurity risks of other organizations and more. Because of certain factors inherent to the nature of educational places, these institutions are at a greater security risk. Limited budgets, privacy concerns, intellectual property, and specific compliance regulations create an atmosphere that’s different from most organizations. The multiplicity of college departments makes for…

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