New Capabilities in Microsoft Teams

New Capabilities in Microsoft Teams 1

If you use Microsoft Teams, you love it. That’s just how it goes, because its one-stop capabilities for chat, calls, meetings, file sharing, collaboration, scheduling and work organization make life so much easier. The folks at Microsoft are always working to improve it, too. New capabilities in Microsoft Teams are constantly emerging. Made for frontline…

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Telephone Plans in Microsoft Teams

New Capabilities in Microsoft Teams 6

If you’re familiar with Microsoft Teams, you probably know it as a hub for communication and collaboration within the workplace. It serves as a convenient place to do group or individual chat, calling, and file sharing. But Teams offers even more than that. It’s also a good platform for education and distance learning, and even…

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Microsoft Teams for Education

New Capabilities in Microsoft Teams 8

Raise your hand if you’ve been frustrated with the distance learning platforms your child uses for school at home. If we were on a Zoom call, I think we’d see nearly everyone raising their hand (the kids included). And that’s not mentioning higher education, where college students and university professors often feel like they’re grasping…

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Work From Home to Reduce your Exposure to COVID-19

New Capabilities in Microsoft Teams 9

As the novel Coronavirus continues to spread, we’re hearing this advice more and more: work from home to avoid spreading COVID-19. Just a month after it was first detected in China, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a public health emergency of international concern on January 30. According to the Centers for Disease Control and…

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