What is Blockchain?

What is Blockchain? 1

Blockchain technology has many uses and offers a decentralized method to store data and conduct transactions. This decentralized nature, in contrast to working through a central governing host, brings better transparency, privacy, and owner control. Without a central entity overseeing data, it’s distributed among users. For this reason, it’s also called distributed ledger technology (DLT).…

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What Are Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)?

What Are Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)? 5

When you log into an account with Google or Facebook, you’re doing an identity verification through a central intermediary. While it may seem convenient to log in with these established accounts, it comes with concerns for privacy. These large intermediaries will gather metadata as you use the account—things like when and how long you used…

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What Are Verifiable Credentials?

What Are Verifiable Credentials? 8

In today’s highly digital world, we’ve come to rely on digital copies of documents. We keep and send digital files to reduce paper waste and speed up transmission. We store photos on hard drives or the cloud so we don’t have to print all of them, and those that are printed can always be duplicated…

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