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How Do I Protect Sensitive Data in My Business?

How Do I Protect Sensitive Data in My Business? 1

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Breaches of sensitive data are extremely costly for organizations when you tally data loss, stock price impact, and mandated fines from violations of GDPR or other regulations. They can also diminish the trust of those who become the victims of identity theft, credit card fraud, or other malicious activities as a result of those breaches. In 2021, the number of data breaches climbed from 68% to 1,862% (the highest in 17 years) with an average cost of 4.24 million each. About 45 million people were impacted by healthcare data breaches alone- triple the number impacted just three years earlier. During this month’s webinar, we’ll dive into some of the key areas to help with the Innovation process: Data breaches and what cybercriminals can do with your data Best practices for protecting your organization Tools and Technologies to protect your sensitive data.

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