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Machine Learning Solutions With Enterprise Security and Scale

Machine Learning Solutions With Enterprise Security and Scale 1

Empowering organizations to build secure, scalable, and equitable ML solutions with Azure Machine Learning

AI is not the future—it’s now. Across industries, leading businesses and organizations are leveraging AI to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the world. Among top enterprises, 50% report that their companies have adopted AI in at least one business function,1 and 75% plan on continuing to invest in new AI initiatives over the next six to nine months.

But investing in AI doesn’t automatically translate to long-term business success. As organizations progress from small proofs of concept and isolated AI projects to large-scale initiatives, ensuring effective adoption means building solutions that function in real-life scenarios. For enterprise organizations, this means building solutions that can scale to thousands of users without sacrificing cost-efficiency, security, or compliance.

These priorities aren’t new for enterprise organizations, but applying them to AI can be especially difficult. At the heart of many AI systems are complex Machine Learning (ML) models that provide the predictive intelligence needed to make smart, automated decisions. Building these models, ensuring their accuracy, and maintaining them means dedicating cross-department teams to the ML lifecycle: training ML models through large datasets, then packaging, validating, deploying, and monitoring them.

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