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Migrate to the cloud and track your progress with Azure Migrate

As public cloud computing has matured, more organizations are migrating their existing on-premises data and applications to the cloud. Reasons to migrate include the ability to achieve improved governance, security and cost efficiencies. In the past, migration required a sense of adventure and a pioneering spirit. The process was daunting, and complexity increased dramatically without first-party tools and a central location to control migration steps. That’s why Microsoft introduced Azure Migrate. The service represents a better approach to migration.

This guide helps you understand the capabilities of Azure Migrate —the one-stop migration service from the company that knows Azure best. We’ll help you get answers to these questions:

  • What resources and tools
    does Microsoft offer to support my migration?
  • How can one service work for workloads that are so different?
  • How can I remove some of the complexity from the migration process?

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