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Welcome to Digitally Transformed, the podcast that brings you the latest insights into the ever-evolving world of technology. 

In this fast-paced digital age, staying ahead of the curve is more crucial than ever. Having the right partner to decipher what is important and useful can make all of the difference. Infused Innovations is a leading authority in transformative technology solutions. From bolstering cybersecurity defenses to equipping employees with the tools they need to excel, our experts are here to guide businesses of all kinds through their digital transformation journey.

Listen in as we delve into captivating discussions about groundbreaking trends, emerging technologies, and their profound impact on the way we work and do business. From the practical applications of artificial intelligence to the fascinating world of machine learning, we'll uncover the possibilities that lie within our digital future.

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Recent Episodes

Digitally Transformed INC 5000

Driving Growth Through Innovation

Driving Growth Through Innovation and Winning the INC 5000 In the fast-paced world of technology and business, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. Innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a driving force behind growth, resilience, and adaptability. In a recent episode of the Digitally Transformed podcast, hosted by Justin Starbird, we sat…


Safeguarding Our Oceans: Marine Science Powered by AI

Dive into the fascinating world of marine science and environmental innovation in this eye-opening episode of Digitally Transformed, powered by Infused Innovations. Join host Justin Starbird as he sits down with industry experts from INSPIRE Environmental and Infused Innovations to explore the groundbreaking partnership reshaping the offshore wind industry.     INSPIRE Environmental, a leader…


Unleashing Organizational Productivity with AI

In episode three of the Digitally Transformed podcast, host Justin Starbird sits dow with Solutions Engineer Alex Clayton from Infused Innovations to dive into the power of AI and machine learning in driving organizational productivity. Together they explore the widespread impact of OpenAI and discuss real-life examples of AI implementation across industries. The episode also…


Empowering Organizations through Innovation: A look inside Infused Innovations’ Innovation Lab and OpenAI Unleashed Webinar! 

Join Justin Starbird, host of the Digitally Transformed Podcast, as he welcomes Phil Magnuszewski, Chief Innovation Officer of Infused Innovations, to discuss the exciting advancements happening at Infused Innovations’ Innovation Lab as well as their upcoming webinar, “OpenAI Unleashed: Empowering Organizational Productivity.” In this episode, Phil sheds light on how their Innovation Lab serves as…

Digitally Transformed Season 2_Ep 1

The evolution of AI and Infused Innovations pioneering role

Jeff Wilhelm, CEO of Infused Innovations, rejoins the “Digitally Transformed” podcast to kick off season 2 with host Justin Starbird. Together they discuss the importance of considering essential requirements beyond the hype when delving into the AI industry and utilizing GenAI tools for business innovation. Listen to “The evolution of AI and Infused Innovations pioneering…

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Ep. 52 What’s all the Hype About NFTs?

  #52 You’ve probably heard about NFTs becoming one of the next big things in the digital world. Non-fungible tokens, as the full name goes, are a way to attach scarcity to digital items—thus creating value. This allows for them to be bought, collected, traded, invested in and so forth. But since they’re also non-tangible,…

EpHow to Create an Environment of Innovation at your Company

Ep. 51 How to Create an Environment of Innovation at your Company

#51 There are a lot of changes happening in today’s workplace. Where and how work is done is affected by new needs and expanding capabilities. It’s truly a time of growth and transformation. Is your organization taking advantage of this time to flourish in new ways? Or are you having trouble moving forward? Now is…

Graphic for How Do I Protect Sensitive Data in My Business?

Ep. 50 How Do I Protect Sensitive Data in My Business?

#50 Breaches of sensitive data are extremely costly for organizations when you tally data loss, stock price impact, and mandated fines from violations of GDPR or other regulations. They can also diminish the trust of those who become the victims of identity theft, credit card fraud, or other malicious activities as a result of those…

Ep. 49 What is Azure Information Protection? And Why do You Need it?

Ep. 49 What is Azure Information Protection? And Why do You Need it?

#49 Learn how to classify, label, and protect your data using Azure Information Protection. If you are looking for a partner, we’re here to help. For more information, visit: or send us an email at [email protected]

Why Data-Driven Marketing is Important for a Modern Business Graphic cover graphic

Ep. 48 Why Data-Driven Marketing is Important for a Modern Business

#48 What is data-driven marketing, how can marketers effectively use it to drive conversions, and why does it matter? With the digitization of business and an increasingly demanding and digitally connected consumer. Now more than ever, there is a greater urgency to develop data-driven marketing campaignsas organizations have come under increasing pressure to deliver results…


Ep. 47 Facts and Misconceptions About Zero Trust

#47 Cybercrime reports have gone up over 300% in the last couple years. And a surprisingly large number of breaches happen with company employees involved, often because of mistakes like falling for phishing baits. Any insider in the company can potentially be a point of vulnerability that can expose the whole network. That’s why a…

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Ep. 46 Microsoft Subscription Prices are Increasing (New Commerce Experience- NCE) Lets Talk About it!

#46 Last year Microsoft customers got a heads up that subscription pricing would increase starting on March 1, 2022. Now that we’re closing in on that date, it’s time to take a look at budgeting and make any last licensing choices before it’s too late. The good news is that there are opportunities to save…


Ep. 45 What Does Innovation Management Look Like?

#45 Innovation is the key term commonly associated with Digital Transformation. Shareholders and boards are pushing organizational leadership to become “more innovative”. The challenge for these leaders is quite candidly, how? There’s no magic wand for innovation. It takes hard work, the right culture, tools, and processes to be successful. During this month’s webinar, we’ll…

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Ep. 44 Why Does Responsible AI Matter? With Guest Phil Magnuszewski

#44 With Artificial Intelligence pervading our everyday personal and work lives, we wanted to sit down and talk about why Responsible AI is so critical, the ways AI is and is not yet governed, and the AI-driven technology we are excited for in the near future. Come hang out with host Melissa, and guest Phil…


Ep. 43 Stop Thinking Like A Defender and Start Thinking Like a Hacker with Guest Ted Harrington

#43 We’re excited about this week’s podcast episode with guest Ted Harrington. Ted is a number one best-selling author, cybersecurity expert, and professional hacker. In this episode, Ted discusses why it’s so important to have the mindset of a hacker and not a defender. He also gives tips and hacks for basic cybersecurity awareness. Enjoy!…

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Ep. 42 What are Verifiable Credentials?

#42 In today’s highly digital world, we’ve come to rely on digital copies of documents. We keep and send digital files to reduce paper waste and speed up transmission. We store photos on hard drives or the cloud so we don’t have to print all of them, and those that are printed can always be…


Ep. 41 Cyberattacks in 2021 Doubled Those of 2020

#41 If 2020 was the year of Covid chaos, 2021 was the year of cybercrime explosion. Of course, both of these roller-coaster years were much more complicated and neither can be summed up in one simple term like that. But it’s true that cyberattacks have risen dramatically this year, making even 2020 look tame in…


Ep. 40 The Most Popular Innovative Technology and Industry Trends from 2021

#40 In this week’s episode of Digitally Transformed, host Melissa shares a recap of a recent webinar in which the Infused Innovations team reflects on some of their favorite new and innovative technology trends that took place throughout 2021 in the areas of transformative innovation, specific technologies, and industry trends. They close it out with…


Ep. 39 Solving Business Problems with The Microsoft Power Platform with Connor O’Neill

#39 In today’s episode of Digitally transformed, guest Connor O’Neill, Director of Advanced Analytics at Infused Innovations chats with host Melissa about the power of the Microsoft Power Platform. With the Microsoft Power Platform, you can work together to solve business challenges—analyze data, build solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents. Connect to hundreds of…


Ep. 38 The 5 Things Leaders Must Stop Doing to Better Secure Their Tech with Mike Miller

#38 In this week’s episode of Digitally Transformed, host Melissa sits down with guest Mike Miller, Senior Engineer at Infused Innovations, to talk about the 5 things leaders must stop doing to better secure their tech. Enjoy!


Ep.37 Modern Work and Collaboration Best Practices

#37 This week’s episode of Digitally Transformed is a replay of our November live webinar that focused on modern work and collaboration. In April of 2020, the world was thrown into disarray when COVID 19 emerged. Organizations were forced to send workers home and our new work paradigm began. Slowly, over the past 6 months,…


Ep. 36 Why Gratitude is Good for Your Business

#36 In today’s episode for Digitally Transformed, we talk all about gratitude. It seems fitting since it’s Thanksgiving week. Studies have shown benefits ranging from less stress and better health to increased productivity and satisfaction when gratitude is intentionally practiced. This year gives companies a particularly unique chance to appreciate the strengths that have brought…


Ep. 35 How Covid Impacted the Workplace: The Great Reshuffling

#35 In today’s episode of Digitally Transformed, host Melissa and guest Stephen Webster discuss how COVID-19 impacted the workplace, resulting in what’s been called the great recognition, or the great reshuffling of employees. They talk about startling statistics, why employees are unhappy, and ways that employers can not only support their employees during this time…


Ep. 34 Why You Should Never Link Your Personal Email to Work

#34 With busy work and life schedules, we often want to make things as easy and convenient as possible. You might get the urge to link your personal email to work as one of those ways to simplify. Just one inbox to check, wherever you are, and you get all the messages you need—right? But…


Ep. 33 What is a Secure Intelligent Workplace with Guest Jeff Wilhelm

#33 In this week’s episode of Digitally Transformed, host Melissa and guest Jeff Wilhelm, CEO of Infused Innovations, talk about what exactly a Secure Intelligent Workplace is. They get into the nitty-gritty of what each part (security, intelligence, & workplace) means and why it’s crucial to have them work together in a seamless holistic solution…


Ep. 32 Why Your Business Should Always Be Innovating with Guest Phil Magnuszewski

#32 In this episode of Digitally Transformed, host Melissa is joined by guest Phil Magnuszewski, CIO at Infused Innovations, to discuss the importance of why your business should always be innovating. They talk about what it means to innovate, fears that organizations may have, what can cause failed projects, and what the first tactical steps…


Ep. 31 The Remote Worker, Security Solutions, & How AI is Rapidly Changing Cybersecurity

#31 Over the past 18 months, cyber risk has rocketed to the top of the risk register for many organizations – due, in part, to the amazing amount of data being shared as part of the digital transformation journey. For this week’s episode of Digitally Transformed, we are sharing the recording from our very first…

ep 30

Ep. 30 Responsibilities of the Tech Industry

 #30 With such a gap between technology’s growth and government action, is it the tech industry’s responsibility to step in and take the lead? In this week’s podcast episode for Digitally Transformed, host Melissa Crouch discusses these dilemmas.

ep 29

Ep. 29 Making Data-Driven Decisions for Digital Transformation with Jon Mitchell

#29 In this week’s podcast episode for Digitally Transformed, host Melissa Crouch chats with guest Jon Mitchell, Director of Data Services at Infused Innovations, about making data-driven decisions for digital transformation. Jon discusses in length, how data can massively improve your business systems, operations, help you discover cybersecurity risks, and improve client experience.


Ep. 28 10 Cybersecurity Stats You Need to Know

#28 In this week’s episode for Digitally Transformed, our host, Melissa Crouch, breaks down 10 important cybersecurity stats that you should be aware of if you own a business.


Ep. 27 Insider risk, Email Scams, and Microsoft Endpoint Manager with Mike Miller

#27 In this week’s podcast episode for Digitally Transformed, guest Mike Miller joins host Melissa Crouch to chat about data protection and security solutions for businesses. They chat about realistic email scams they have received, insider risk, how your company may be susceptible, and they go over one of our favorite security solutions- Microsoft Endpoint…


Ep. 26 The Great Resignation: How to Retain & Keep Employees Happy in the Modern Workplace (part 2)

#26 In a time like now, “The Great Resignation,” it is more important than ever to learn how to retain employees and maintain relationships with them. In today’s episode, guest Stephen Webster, Senior Advisor at Infused Innovations, walks us through some of the most important mindset hacks and tools that can empower your team and…


Ep. 25 The Great Resignation: How to Retain & Keep Employees Happy in the Modern Workplace (part 1)

#25 In a time like now, “The Great Resignation,” it is more important than ever to learn how to retain employees and maintain relationships with them. In today’s episode, guest Stephen Webster, Senior Advisor at Infused Innovations, walks us through some of the most important mindset hacks and tools that can empower your team and…


Ep. 24 Building a Customer-First Culture in Your Business

#24 At Infused Innovations, we strive to be not only security-first but customer-first as well. It’s at the core of our company values-and great customer experience is becoming more crucial for business in general. 86% of customers will pay more for a better experience, and 88% of companies are now prioritizing CX (customer experience), as…


Ep. 23 How Mixed Reality Can Support Those with Autism

#23: You may have heard about mixed reality beginning to play a role in work industries and scientific research. With the introduction of Microsoft Mesh at the Ignite 2021 conference, we saw examples of holographic 3D structures and deep-sea explorations taken on land. Those working in machinery can use virtual tools to augment their workflow…


Ep. 22 Redefining Normal: Thinking Virtual and Digital First with Joel Evans

#22 In today’s episode, guest Joel Evans chats about how the pandemic showed us the need for Unified Communications. With millions of people suddenly being forced to work remotely, companies were required to adapt to this “new normal.” This meant licensing and adopting new technologies and using them in new ways to allow employees to…


Ep. 21 Infused Innovations Wins 2021 Microsoft US Partner Award for Modern Work & Security

#21 In this episode, we are thrilled to talk about how Infused Innovations has been chosen as the winner of the Microsoft US (MSUS) Partner Award in the Modern Work & Security category. Jeffrey Wilhelm, CEO, Phil Magnuszewski, COO, and Dan Chemistruck, CISO are also here to talk about it. We discuss where we all…


Ep. 20 “But We’ve Always Done it This Way” with Brian Smith

#20: In today’s episode, our guest Brian Smith, Senior Advisor at Infused Innovations, discusses the dangers of having the attitude of “we’ve always done it this way” in the workplace, a quote by Rear Admiral Grace Hopper. If you’ve been feeling stuck in your organization’s way of doing things & crave change in the workplace,…


Ep. 19 The Future of Work: Hot New Terms from Satya Nadella’s Inspire 2021 Keynote

#19 In this week’s episode of Digitally Transformed we chat about the future of work & new exciting terminology that is trending in the modern workplace. With new technologies arising and innovation happening rapidly, we’re seeing some big changes in how people work. Satya Nadella’s Inspire 2021 keynote speech at the partner conference last week…


Ep. 18 Leveraging and Protecting Different Types of Data with Brad Mitchell

#18 In this episode, we chat with Brad Mitchell, VP of Strategic Business Development at Infused Innovations, about the different types of data, how you can leverage them for marketing purposes, and how to keep them protected.


Ep. 17 Insider Risk Management with Mark Gabel

#17 In this video, we chat all about Insider Risk Management with Mark Gabel, Senior Cybersecurity Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft.


Ep. 16 Artificial Intelligence Applications That Can Save Lives

#16: Over the past several years, artificial intelligence has become a subject of increasing curiosity. It’s grown in the public imagination as well as in technological research and professional use. New AI technologies are being developed so rapidly that we often don’t realize the extent to which they can contribute to both productivity and health.…


Ep. 15 Transitioning from Office to Remote Work with Kevin Martins from Microsoft

#15 In today’s episode of Digitally Transformed, we are joined by Kevin Martins, Principal Collaboration and Security Architect from Microsoft. We chat about the common stigmas & fears executives have about their teams going remote. Are they lazier? Are they more productive? How does it all work? Listen to find out!


Ep. 14 Security & Productivity Don’t have to be Opposites

#14 For this week’s Digitally Transformed podcast, we chat about a concern that so many have when implementing cybersecurity into their organizations. Some security measures really do slow employees down, but there are ways to improve security without doing so. Here are some tips that can help your company boost both security and productivity.


Ep. 13 What Are the Differences Between MDR, EDR and XDR for Cybersecurity?

#13 On this week’s episode of Digitally Transformed we talk about the differences between MDR, EDR, AND XDR for cybersecurity. You may have been hearing about XDR in recent months-this is a rising technology that improves upon MDR and EDR, which themselves are great advancements from older solutions. Gartner predicts that the majority of enterprises…


Ep. 12 The Benefits of AI for Your Business

#12 On this week’s episode for the Digitally Transformed podcast, we dive into the benefits of AI for your business. Perhaps you’ve read articles here and there about artificial intelligence incorporated into today’s work tasks, but it’s largely off your own business radar. You might see it as a tool that enhances operations under the…


Ep. 11 A Digital Transformation Journey with CEO, Tom Finn, from AVID Products

#11 On this week’s episode for Digitally Transformed, our host, Melissa Crouch, had the opportunity to chat with Tom Finn, CEO of AVID Products, Inc., about their digital transformation journey. Tom tells us about business struggles, solutions they found, where they are headed, and how digital transformation has made a profound positive impact on their…


Ep. 10 Why a Customer Success Program Matters with Erica Bosse

#10: In this week’s episode of Digitally Transformed, guest Erica Bosse, Customer Success Director at Infused Innovations, joins host, Melissa Crouch, to chat all about why a customer success program is crucial for digital transformation. They also chat about how to implement a customer success program strategically and tactically for your clients.

ep 9 cover

Ep. 9 Why a Digital Transformation Sometimes Fails

#9 On Today’s podcast, we have three guests… Jeff Wilhelm, CEO of Infused Innovations, Phil Magnuszewski, COO of Infused Innovations, and Stephen Webster, Executive Advisor at Infused Innovations. Today, we discuss some of the reasons why digital transformation can sometimes fail, how to have a successful transformation, and why having a partner to guide you…


Ep. 8 A Look at How Deepfakes Work

#8: In this week’s episode for the Digitally Tranformed podcast, we discuss how Deepfakes are becoming a real concern. This misleading practice, which inserts fake faces or speech into videos or photographs, is becoming more sophisticated in its precision. The rising capabilities of the technology behind deepfakes are making them easier to produce and harder…