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The Future of Tech in Business

Welcome to Digitally Transformed, the podcast that brings you the latest insights into the ever-evolving world of technology. 

In this fast-paced digital age, staying ahead of the curve is more crucial than ever. Having the right partner to decipher what is important and useful can make all of the difference. Infused Innovations is a leading authority in transformative technology solutions. From bolstering cybersecurity defenses to equipping employees with the tools they need to excel, our experts are here to guide businesses of all kinds through their digital transformation journey.

Listen in as we delve into captivating discussions about groundbreaking trends, emerging technologies, and their profound impact on the way we work and do business. From the practical applications of artificial intelligence to the fascinating world of machine learning, we'll uncover the possibilities that lie within our digital future.

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Recent Episodes


Ep. 8 A Look at How Deepfakes Work

#8: In this week’s episode for the Digitally Tranformed podcast, we discuss how Deepfakes are becoming a real concern. This misleading practice, which inserts fake faces or speech into videos or photographs, is becoming more sophisticated in its precision. The rising capabilities of the technology behind deepfakes are making them easier to produce and harder…


Ep. 7 Discussing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with Matt Soseman, Microsoft Security Architect

#7 In this week’s episode for Digitally Transformed, we chat all about Microsoft Defender for Endpoint & Microsoft Defender Threat & Vulnerability Management with Matt Soseman, Microsoft Security Architect. Matt is an IT Pro and a Security Architect at Microsoft. He runs one of the top TechNet blogs at and his own blog at…


Ep. 6 Is Cybersecurity a Necessity for Your Business?

#6 Today we’re going to talk about cybersecurity with our guest, Dan Chemistruck, who is Chief Information Security Officer at Infused Innovations. And we’re going to get into the nitty-gritty of whether cybersecurity just a waste of money or actually a necessity. Cybersecurity is one of those things that I don’t think is talked about…


Ep. 5 Communication and Collaboration While Working Remotely with Joel Evans

#5 How we live and work has changed. Our priority is to help you respond to today’s challenges by enabling employees to work remotely. Join us as we chat with Joel Evans, Voice and Emerging Technologies Expert at Microsoft, about Modern Workplace and collaboration.


Ep. 4 AI for Earth with Sarah Benhamron from Microsoft

#4 Join us for this week’s episode of Digitally Transformed as we chat with Sarah Benhamron, Microsoft’s Technical Strategist for Sustainability for the US Partner Ecosystem, about why this program, AI for Earth, is so important.


Ep. 3 The Year 2020: Lessons Learned from a CEO with Guest Jeffrey Wilhelm

#3 For this week’s episode of Digitally Transformed, Jeff Wilhelm, CEO at Infused Innovations, joins us today as we talk about his biggest business lessons he learned from the challenging year of 2020 – a ‘make or break’ business year for many organizations.


Ep. 2 What is a Digital Transformation? with Guest Phil Magnuszewski

#2 In this week’s Digitally Transformed podcast, we sit down with Phil Magnuszewski, Chief Operating Officer at Infused Innovations. We discuss what exactly a digital transformation is and the process of what takes place behind the scenes throughout that transformation journey.