Secure Intelligent Workplace

Innovation Beyond Borders

Advisory Services

We are a strategy and innovation consultancy that helps organizations digitally transform their businesses and industries by securely leveraging emerging technologies.

Managed Cybersecurity

Respond to cyber threats at the speed of the attacker using Microsoft's 90+ security products to automate responses. Eliminate alert fatigue using Azure Sentinel to interpret over 8 trillion daily signals.

AI & Machine Learning

Build your solution on the most comprehensive cloud platform, optimized for machine learning with high-performance compute. Built-in security and analytics with edge computing solutions and IoT.

Hybrid Cloud Services

Converged and hyper-converged edge deployments, geo-redundant colocation, private cloud, and hybrid public cloud deployments.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services to provide modern collaboration tools that allow you to work securely on any device. Experience a secure modern workplace with the Microsoft 365 security and productivity suite. Windows Virtual Desktop provides a consistent Windows experience across any device.

Data and Analytic Services

Intuitive hybrid-cloud data tools to provide instant customer and prospect data access, exceptional data processing capabilities, and more complete understanding of data sets and available intelligence.

Innovation Lab

Intelligence meets design with research & development as a service. At Serengeti Labs, our team of innovators are pushing the boundaries of applied technology, IoT, and machine learning to create new digital experiences. Bring your services to market with a proven think-create-iterate methodology.

Microsoft Services

Whether it's Microsoft 365, Teams, Windows Virtual Desktop, private, hybrid, or public cloud, let us architect and manage your environment. On Azure our DevOps engineers use infrastructure as code to enforce governance policies. App Insights and Log Analytics deliver real-time visibility into your app's performance and availability, and maintain compliance and consistency with Azure Security Center and Sentinel.