Free Microsoft 365 Cybersecurity Assessment

Microsoft 365 Licensing Review

Review your Microsoft 365 licensing to get the most out of your Microsoft subscriptions.

Rapid Cyberattack Assessment

Optional 2-Day workshop to scan your Windows environment for known vulnerabilities and make sure you can recover quickly from a breach.

Anti-Phishing Policies

We'll configure baseline anti-phishing and safety tips for Outlook in your environment. Help your users identify quickly if an email is attempting to spoof an existing account.


We'll configure a free Valimail account and configure your DNS records to start monitoring email that is being sent using your domain name. DMARC policies will be configured to reduce phishing and spoofing attempts by up to 40-70%.

Note: The free 2-Day Windows Rapid Cyberattack Assessment requires Infused Innovations to be listed as Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) for any existing Microsoft Online subscriptions. Free assessments are restricted to organizations in the US with a US Office 365 tenant only.