IoT Vulnerabilities (and What to Do About Them)

An alexa device and computer are IOT internet of things

For every person on this planet, there are about four and a half IoT devices. The Internet of Things is all over the place, from intelligent watches to smart home appliances to medical sensors and beyond. And it’s only becoming more prevalent, quickly: nearly 130 new IoT devices are hooked up every second. These devices…

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The New Normal: Technology Reimagined for Hybrid Work

A picture of a women working on her laptopn using emerging technologies to work remotely.

The pandemic showed us the need for Unified Communications. With millions of people suddenly being forced to work remotely, companies were required to adapt to this “new normal.” This meant licensing and adopting new technologies and using them in new ways to allow employees to do their jobs effectively while remote. The New Normal: A…

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Windows Virtual Desktop is now Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Man typing on computer using Windows Virtual Desktop is now Azure Virtual Desktop

If you pay much attention to Microsoft products, you know that Microsoft loves to rename and rebrand. That’s because they’re constantly evolving their offerings, improving and expanding them in such a fluid way that something as static as a name can’t hold for too long. In this case, Windows Virtual Desktop is becoming Azure Virtual…

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Top 5 Announcements from Microsoft Inspire 2021

Image reads: Microsoft Inspire 2021, July 14-15, Digital Event

Microsoft Inspire 2021 is in session. Their largest partner event of the year, this annual conference is an opportunity to network, learn from industry leaders, and find out the latest news in Microsoft’s offerings. Like last year, this event is held digitally and you can still register for attendance if you want to catch the…

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Infused Innovations Ranks Top 10 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2021

Infused Innovations Ranks Top 10 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2021 1

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Infused Innovations Ranks Top 10 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2021 Infused Innovations (401) 267-4460 [email protected]   CIO Views is a business magazine that mainly focuses on emerging CIOs, their journey, views on current economic states, and all other relevant subjects that refer to the business world.  They provide interesting insights…

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How Has the MSP Industry Changed Since Covid Began?

Picture of workers gives a glimpse into the MSP industry.

  Last week we were pleased to announce our ranking as #16 in Channel Futures’ annual MSP 501 list. Channel Futures has also given us some interesting insights into the way the MSP industry has changed over time, based on their data from this year’s MSP 501. Perhaps not surprisingly, there have been some big…

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Infused Innovations Welcomes Connor O’Neill as Director of Advanced Analytics

Infused Innovations Welcomes Connor O’Neill as Senior Engineer.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 23rd, 2021 Infused Innovations (401) 267-4460 [email protected] INFUSED INNOVATIONS WELCOMES CONNOR O’NEILL AS DIRECTOR OF ADVANCED ANALYTICS Emphasizing the firm’s focus on expanding data and analytics business solutions North Kingstown, RI: Infused Innovations formally announces the hiring of Connor O’Neill as Director of Advanced Analytics. As Director of Advanced Analytics, Connor will…

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What is Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR)?

Conceptual graphic suggests reconstructed elements.

Much of cybersecurity depends on detection—like the detection & response solutions we’ve written about recently. But there’s another, less common way to approach malware threats. Content Disarm and Reconstruction, or CDR, strips down a file’s active content and rebuilds the file with only known, safe elements. Sometimes called file sanitization, CDR delivers a clean, “sanitized”…

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