The Workplace Is Changing — Are You Ready?

Image of a woman working in the modern workplace

The Workplace Is Changing. Are You Ready? A couple of months ago, I wrote about the “New Normal” and how technology is being reimagined for hybrid work. Since that time, there have been starts and stops with corporations hoping to get people back to the office by September. As we all know, globally the various COVID…

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Security Poverty Lines

Security Poverty Lines 2

When we think of the term “security poverty lines,” we rarely think of organizations’ abilities to maintain good hardware and cybersecurity. Yet this is a largely unrecognized problem for many of today’s companies. In a podcast on Security Nation, head of of advisory CISO services at Duo Security Wendy Nather discusses the problem of the…

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Step-by-Step Guide to Install FSLogix on WVD

Step-by-Step Guide to Install FSLogix on WVD 3

With the recent GA of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Microsoft has extended its ability to deliver important endpoint capabilities to users anywhere in the world. Designed to improve upon the standard Windows Virtual Desktop capabilities, installing FSLogix on WVD can enhance and simplify these sorts of non-persistent environments. Benefits of Installing FSLogix on WVD Maintain…

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Microsoft Ignite 2019’s Top Announcements

Microsoft Ignite 2019's Top Announcements 4

Microsoft Ignite is the annual conference where the tech giant gets to show off its exciting new developments. The company’s many announcements are of interest to IT professionals, developers, and big Microsoft fans. We love hearing about new streamlined improvements and innovative previews offered. This year’s conference seemed to present more news than ever—Microsoft provided…

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Windows Autopilot for Workstation Imaging

Windows Autopilot for Workstation Imaging 5

The typical process of acquiring new devices and configuring them for company use is a bit of a headache. It goes something like this: your IT admin gets the devices, wipes them of their default settings, re-images them with custom images using Ghost or Acronis, obtains drivers, configures the relevant applications and settings, and finally…

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Microsoft 365 Plans for Education

Microsoft 365 Plans for Education 6

Educational institutions face the cybersecurity risks of other organizations and more. Because of certain factors inherent to the nature of educational places, these institutions are at a greater security risk. Limited budgets, privacy concerns, intellectual property, and specific compliance regulations create an atmosphere that’s different from most organizations. The multiplicity of college departments makes for…

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Cybersecurity Automation with Azure Sentinel for SIEM and SOAR

Cybersecurity Automation with Azure Sentinel for SIEM and SOAR 7

Traditional security operations centers could get away with pre-set prevention technology and detection mechanisms based on prior knowledge of attack methods. But in the past few years threats have developed rapidly in both number and sophistication. It’s no longer enough to look at intelligence as a one-way product addressing occasional threats. Moreover, not all threats…

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A Guide to Ransomware Protection with Microsoft 365

A Guide to Ransomware Protection with Microsoft 365 8

Protecting modern IT systems from ransomware is fairly simple now with Microsoft 365. Microsoft uses AI models and machine learning to process 6.5 trillion daily signals with a team of 3,500+ full-time security engineers that invest $1 billion annually in R&D. To put that in perspective, a managed SOC like Arctic Wolf processes “only” 20…

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Zero Trust Security Concepts and Microsoft 365

Zero Trust Security Concepts and Microsoft 365 9

88 records were lost or stolen every second in 2017, and that number is only likely to increase. The two most common settings for these breaches to take place are healthcare and banking as a distant second. As companies move to ensure their entire supply-chain is compliant to meet strict regulations, such as GDPR and…

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