Infused Innovations Launches New Innovation Services 1

Infused Innovations Launches New Innovation Services

Infused Innovations Launches New Innovation Services


Infused Innovations announces the launch of its new Innovation Services practice for clients and forward-thinking organizations.

Infused Innovations, a digital transformation consultancy leveraging the Microsoft ecosystem, today announced the launch of its new Innovation Services to help organizations push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Utilizing its internal advisors, as well as a curated ecosystem of partnerships, Infused Innovations will work with clients in three main capacities – adoption, change management, and governance around organizational innovation; the delivery of a best of breed innovation platform to help manage the innovation lifecycle process; and advisory services to accelerate putting ideas into practice using a combination of emerging technology and business process improvements.

According to Jeff Wilhelm, the firm’s founder and CEO, “We’ve been working with organizations for quite some time on their digital transformation journey.  I’m incredibly excited about this new practice and what it means to both our clients, and other innovation-minded organizations.  This will help take organizations to a whole new level.”

The firm will work strategically with client leadership teams to not just transform, but identify ways to disrupt their business and industries. Infused Innovations also provides the tools and resources required to move ideas forward. They will help to curate, evaluate, and fully deploy an idea via ongoing firm-client collaboration, implementing low-risk proof of concepts and leveraging a design-thinking model throughout the entire engagement.

“We’ve spent a lot of time learning about what our clients, and the market as a whole, really want and need to be successful in the area of innovation. Our approach is to provide a framework for organizations to leverage as well as advisory services in the areas of process, adoption and change management, and emerging technologies. Every organization is talking about innovation, but many don’t know where to begin. In addition, there are far too few consulting firms providing the tools for them to be truly successful at it,” says Phil Magnuszewski, Infused Innovations’ Chief Innovation Officer.

Infused Innovations is already working with a number of clients within this new practice including some groundbreaking projects involving blockchain and NFT’s, advanced AI and ML use cases, and other innovative and forward-looking technologies.

As part of the Innovation Services practice area, Infused Innovations is marketing the service with a new market-facing identity, encapsulated by: Just Imagine What Your Business Could Do and Discover What’s Possible. 

About Infused Innovations

Headquartered in North Kingstown, RI, Infused Innovations is a strategy and innovation consultancy that helps organizations digitally transform their businesses and industries by securely leveraging emerging technologies. Its holistic approach values social responsibility and sustainability in addition to trustworthy computing and technology. Additional recognition recently earned by Infused Innovations includes the Microsoft US (MSUS) Partner Award Winner in the Modern Work & Security category, multi-year Inc 5000 awardee, ranking #11 in Channel Futures’ MSP 501Top 10 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2021 by CIO Views magazine, and ranking #21 on CRN’s 2021 Fast Growth 150 List.

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