Discover Potential for Your Business with a Computer Vision Accelerator 1

Discover Potential for Your Business with a Computer Vision Accelerator

Computer vision describes the process when a computer using artificial intelligence algorithms can identify and process images (photos, videos, etc.) and then create an appropriate output from the analysis because the computer can actually “understand” the content. Specifically, computer vision can rapidly detect, identify, classify, and verify objects. As industries continue to move forward, computer vision will increasingly be used to speed up processes and modernize workplaces. Chances are, your business could benefit from this technology. If you’re curious about its potential at your organization but aren’t sure where to begin, our team can help you understand your possibilities and determine the best applications.

Discover Potential for Your Business with a Computer Vision Accelerator 2

Computer Vision Use Case Examples

  • Retail inventory management: Image classification and object detection can be used to automate the process of counting and organizing retail inventory. For example, a machine learning model can be trained to identify different types of clothing, shoes, or accessories in an image, allowing retailers to quickly and accurately track their inventory levels.
  • Quality control in manufacturing: In this setting the technology can be applied to identify defects in manufactured products, such as scratches, dents, or other imperfections.
  • Medical imaging analysis: Here it can identify abnormalities in medical images, such as tumors or other abnormalities. This can help doctors make more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.
  • Agriculture and environmental monitoring: Image classification and object detection can be leveraged to monitor and analyze crops, forests, and other natural environments.
  • Saving the ocean: The capabilities of computer vision can identify and monitor different species of marine life, including fish, mammals, and plants. This can help researchers track changes in ocean ecosystems and make informed decisions about conservation efforts.

How to Boost Your Capabilities with Computer Vision

There’s a way to easily begin utilizing the capabilities of computer vision in ways that create the most value for your industry. Our team at Innovation Lab has created a Computer Vision Accelerator for Image Classification & Object Detection. This is a proven framework designed to guide organizations through the process of identifying, prototyping, and deploying computer vision use cases for their business. Our experienced computer vision experts will work with you to understand your business needs and help you identify the most promising use cases for your company. We’ll then help you build and test a prototype, allowing you to see the potential impact of computer vision in your business before fully committing to an organization-wide project.

This engagement is perfect for companies looking to prove out computer vision use cases quickly and efficiently within their organization. Whether you’re interested in using computer vision for image classification or object detection, our team has the expertise to help you succeed.

With our Computer Vision Accelerator, you can:

  • Quickly discover the potential impact of computer vision in your business
  • Work with experienced computer vision experts to identify and prototype the most promising use cases for your company
  • Save time and resources by fast-tracking the computer vision development process
  • Reduce risk by testing a prototype before fully committing to a project
  • Be confident that our expert team will prototype responsibly and ensure strong security and privacy policies should you choose to move forward
Discover Potential for Your Business with a Computer Vision Accelerator 3

What the Process Looks Like

Discovery: Customers utilizing this Computer Vision Accelerator will first take part in an initial 90-minute discovery workshop, where we’ll work with you to identify your business goals and find the best computer vision use cases in order to achieve them.

Model Building & Training: Once we’ve identified a use case, we’ll build and test a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to see the potential impact, as well as the optimal application, of computer vision in your business.

Business Impact Analysis: Our team will review the results of the MVP and work with you to determine the ultimate business impact on your organization.

Production Deployment Plan: If the prototype demonstrates promising results, we’ll work with you to develop a plan for fully deploying the computer vision solution within your organization.

Find Out More

This advanced technology holds so much potential, but many organizations could use some guidance on planning and deploying it. Don’t let the complexities of computer vision hold you back. The Infused Innovations Computer Vision Accelerator is here to help you quickly and efficiently prove out the potential impact of machine learning in your business. Our them his here to help you deploy this powerful tool to modernize and transform your organization, in a productive and responsible way. Book a meeting with us today to find out more.

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