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Using a Compliance Accelerator to Satisfy Regulatory Compliance and Privacy Requirements

Our Compliance Accelerators are packaged services that guide organizations through governance and compliance, areas that are often daunting to businesses. After building an Information Governance Strategy and identifying sensitive data and risks in your organization, the third Accelerator is to help you satisfy regulatory compliance and privacy requirements. We leverage industry guidance and best practices to develop a regulatory compliance plan for your environment that includes privacy at its core and is aligned to Zero-Trust Security Principles, the strongest security model available. Here’s what our Compliance Accelerator for Satisfying Regulatory Compliance and Privacy Requirements looks like.

Regulatory Compliance and Privacy Assessment Objectives

These are the things you can expect out of this Compliance Accelerator:

  • An understanding of your regulatory compliance needs: We’ll walk you through the regulations that apply to your specific business and industry, explaining what each standard is for and how it relates to your role in the workforce. Not only will we make sure you’re up to date on current regulations, but we’ll give you all the details on new ones that are coming soon, so that you’ll be ahead of the game and won’t be hit with any surprises.
  • Knowledge and increased understanding of your privacy risk: Having identified your particular risks in regard to private customer and employee information that your company handles, we will further explain the nature of these risks, such as data breaches or consequences for non-compliance with regulations.
  • Compliance assessments: We will run continued assessments to see your Compliance Score and go through it with you to ensure that you meet the requirements that you need to.
  • Analysis and recommendations: We’ll take a deeper look at your compliance assessments and determine what the best steps are to raise your Compliance Score and satisfy your requirements in the most beneficial and secure ways.
  • Prioritization/adaptation of your Information Governance Strategy: With our updated information, we’ll look back at your Information Governance Strategy and build in any additional recommendations that need to be added. We’ll go through the strategy with you to prioritize and plan in order to follow the strategy we’ve laid out.

Meeting You Where You Are

Our Compliance Accelerators are designed to follow one another, so the work we do in this one builds on and refers back to the previous two. But if you’ve already established a plan and identified your sensitive information and just need help making sure you’re satisfying your regulatory compliance and privacy requirements, we’re more than happy to pick up and start with this accelerator. This is the one that addresses compliance regulations themselves most directly, an area that many companies could use guidance in. Wherever you currently are on your compliance path, we can help you choose the solutions that are the most time- and cost-effective.

Using a Compliance Accelerator to Satisfy Regulatory Compliance and Privacy Requirements 1

More About Our Accelerators

We offer various accelerators as pre-built service packages to get organizations up to speed with quick time-to-value and a clear timeline. The Compliance Accelerators are:

  • Build an Information Governance Strategy
  • Identify Sensitive Data and Risks
  • Satisfy Regulatory Compliance and Privacy Requirements
  • Automate Information Lifecycle Management

We also have a group of Security Accelerators:

  • Build a Zero Trust Strategy: Understand the current state of Cyber Security Architecture and create your security plan for the highest level of protection.
  • Modern Authentication: Set up smart identity authentication based on least-privileged-access principles.
  • Data and Device Protection: Ensure your devices are protected, compliant, securely accessible and safeguarded against ​lateral movement.
  • Threat Intelligence: Utilize capabilities like in-app permissions, gates access, abnormal behavior seeking, user access control, and secure configuration​ validation.

Other accelerators that we offer help businesses excel in Modern Work:

  • Modern Collaboration: Learn to utilize productivity & collaboration tools in the Microsoft ecosystem, including all facets of the the invaluable communication hub Microsoft Teams.
  • Unified Communication: Deploy and leverage Teams Voice, a business phone option that can save companies money.
  • Windows 365 / Azure Virtual Desktop: Pilot cloud-native desktop and application delivery that will empower your organization with the best business capabilities.
  • Computer Vision: Test out ways your company can make use of powerful emerging technology for image classification & object detection.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of any of these accelerators, schedule a meeting with us to find out more.

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