10 Cybersecurity Stats You Need to Know

Cybersecurity stats are represented an image of an electronic chip.

Cyber attackers are smart, capable, and only becoming more so as time goes on. With increased vulnerability from public health fears and shuffled work settings, individuals and companies have suffered a great deal of attacks in the last couple years. And that’s on top of what was already a teeming problem. Some of the numbers…

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Gartner’s Unified Endpoint Management Leaders

Employees use endpoints managed with UEM.

If your organization hasn’t consolidated control of user devices to Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) yet, Gartner predicts that you are likely to within the next three years. Just last year less than 5% of companies were using UEM, but with current trends it looks like the majority of them will adopt the technology by 2024.…

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Building a Customer-First Culture

Building a Customer-First Culture 6

At Infused Innovations, we strive to be not only security-first but customer-first as well. It’s at the core of our company values—and great customer experience is becoming more crucial for business in general. 86% of customers will pay more for a better experience, and 88% of companies are now prioritizing CX, as it’s sometimes called…

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How Mixed Reality Can Help with Autism

Graphic from Actimage's Hol'Autisme video shows a girl practicing safely crossing an intersection.

You may have heard about mixed reality beginning to play a role in work industries and scientific research. With the introduction of Microsoft Mesh at the Ignite 2021 conference, we saw examples of holographic 3D structures and deep sea explorations taken on land. Those working in machinery can use virtual tools to augment their workflow…

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Pricing Update for Microsoft 365

A list of new features and apps as defined in the March 2022 pricing update for Microsoft 365.

Office 365 was first released in 2011, and it’s grown a lot since then. Microsoft has added 24 apps and 1,400+ new features over that time—without any substantial price increases. After a decade of innovation and rebranding itself several times, Microsoft is announcing its first commercial pricing update for Microsoft 365. Customers have some advance…

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What You Need to Know About Azure AD Connect V2.0

Image of connected mesh invokes Azure AD Connect V2.0.

What is Azure AD Connect V2.0? It’s the latest upgrade in a long history of Microsoft’s organizational management offering, Active Directory (AD). Built for Windows servers, AD’s main purpose is authenticating credentials and controlling respective levels of access according to permissions. In an on-premises environment, a domain controller (DC) is the server that runs these…

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IoT Vulnerabilities (and What to Do About Them)

An alexa device and computer are IOT internet of things

For every person on this planet, there are about four and a half IoT devices. The Internet of Things is all over the place, from intelligent watches to smart home appliances to medical sensors and beyond. And it’s only becoming more prevalent, quickly: nearly 130 new IoT devices are hooked up every second. These devices…

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