Will Robots Take Away Human Jobs?

Will Robots Take Away Human Jobs? 1

It’s been a question on people’s minds for a while now: many have wondered what work might look like in the future when robots become more prevalent, and what will happen to those people whose jobs can be replaced by them. For some, a rise in the adoption of robotics brings angst that societies will…

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Integrate External Attack Surface Management (EASM) with Azure Sentinel

Integrate External Attack Surface Management (EASM) with Azure Sentinel 5

RiskIQ, an External Attack Surface Management (EASM) company that Microsoft acquired last year, helps customers assess and monitor all of their areas of potential attack across their enterprise. This covers not only endpoints but also multiple cloud environments, SaaS platforms, and in the supply chain as well. It identifies vulnerable assets, remediating them before attackers…

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What Can Your Organization Achieve with Innovation Services?

What Can Your Organization Achieve with Innovation Services? 13

Imagine your work could be totally transformed. How would you transform it? For those willing to think outside the box, this is a real question to ask—an open-ended question that could lead to surprising results. Creating new and remarkable ways of doing things is very possible, with emerging technologies developing every day. It takes innovative…

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Microsoft Purview Combines Data Governance and Compliance

Image of sky and palm trees represents Microsoft Purview's visibility and ease.

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and digitally oriented. This is the case across industries and different aspects of our lives—healthcare, insurance, shopping, work. With such dependence on this connection from any location through digital means, there are lots of bases to cover in terms of data organization, security, and compliance in regulation standards. To…

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Microsoft Will Raise Prices for Nonprofits and End On-Prem Grants

Image of a customer with credit card shows how Microsoft will raise prices for nonprofits.

In March, Microsoft made a number of changes to its licensing and pricing for Office 365 and Microsoft 365 business subscriptions. Now, effective September 1, 2022, Microsoft will raise prices for nonprofits as well, as the company recently announced. Here’s a breakdown of the price increases, the reasoning behind them, and why they’re being raised…

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3 Surprising Ways Technology Can Help Animals

Image of a cow invites the question of how technology can help animals.

If you’re like many of us here at Infused Innovations, you love both technology and animals. Are they usually discussed together? No. But there are some really cool innovative tools can be used to benefit animal welfare. Technology can help animals in a number of ways: the possibilities developing today are offering new insights and…

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Microsoft Defender for Cloud: the Only Offering that Natively Supports Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud

Cloud graphic represents Microsoft Defender for Cloud's support for multiple cloud platforms.

The three largest cloud infrastructure providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud (in that order, according to market share). They each offer an array of capabilities and conveniences—on top of data storage, customers can use them to build applications, run projects, track analytics, and more. Many customers, especially enterprises, have aspects…

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What’s all the Hype About NFTs?

NFTs are represented by Ethereum's logo image.

You’ve probably heard about NFTs becoming one of the next big things in the digital world. Non-fungible tokens, as the full name goes, are a way to attach scarcity to digital items—thus creating value. This allows for them to be bought, collected, traded, invested in and so forth. But since they’re also non-tangible, this concept…

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