Training Generative AI: How Much Content is up for Grabs? 

Image of a computer with a vase landscape behind it metaphorically questions the limits of training generative AI.

Generative AI has seen explosive growth over the past several months. During this fast-paced journey we’ve witnessed incredible capabilities of sophisticated AI models—and along with these capabilities have come a host of questions about ethics, privacy, and how our norms might change. One issue of concern is copyright: from infringement of existing copyrighted material to…

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Microsoft Inspire 2023: What the Latest News Means for Your Company 

Microsoft Inspire 2023

Microsoft recently hosted its annual partner conference, Inspire. This is an important event to follow because it highlights the areas that Microsoft will focus on in the coming year, and it’s a time when new available tools and products are announced. For company leaders, the conference offers opportunities for growth, connections, and the chance to…

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5 Microsoft Technologies Boosting the Blue Economy

5 Microsoft Technologies Boosting the Blue Economy 1

The blue economy—work related to our oceans—is a crucial economy of today and tomorrow. From aquaculture for food to offshore wind farms and innovative solutions like algae-based plastics, the ocean offers enormous resource and potential. On the other hand, these vast waters are in danger, threatened by pollution and destabilizing climate change. It’s never been…

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5 Big Highlights from Microsoft Build 2023

Microsoft Build 2023 graphic

The annual conference for developers and those otherwise inclined is going on this week: Microsoft Build 2023. It’s hosted in Seattle and is available for attendees online as well, from May 23-25. This year is particularly salient with the new advancements in artificial intelligence and Microsoft’s partnering with OpenAI. If you aren’t able to attend…

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Could Quantum Materials Lead to Emergent Intelligence?

Could Quantum Materials Lead to Emergent Intelligence? 2

As technologies have advanced—and especially with the rapid rise of AI that’s happening now—we’re seeing incredible capabilities and the most human-like computer intelligence we’ve ever encountered. Unfortunately, those capabilities take a big toll on the environment, sucking up huge amounts of energy and water and leaving a big carbon footprint that we’d be wise not…

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Technologies for Tackling Ocean Plastic Pollution

Image os a fish swimming among ocean plastic pollution

Every year, 8 to 10 million metric tons of plastic wind up in the ocean. Research suggests that by 2050, plastic in the sea will actually outweigh all the fish. This massive problem is ever-growing as plastic production continues to increase, while these items never degrade. Even plastic that has slowly broken down becomes microplastics…

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Why You Should be Thinking About Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Image of windmills: Sustainable energy is one of the elements of ESG.

Over recent years there’s been a growing awareness of the impact that businesses have on the world around them. Companies are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance. ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is a way to show this commitment, demonstrating it to customers and stakeholders while also…

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Automate Information Lifecycle Management for Compliance and Governance

Automate Information Lifecycle Management for Compliance and Governance 3

The last of our four Compliance Accelerators is one that will help your organization automate information lifecycle management. It’s the final part of a well-structured process for good compliance and governance at your company. This follows our other three accelerators in this series: This final Compliance Accelerator takes all of the information and priorities established…

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