Why Compliance is Crucial for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Why Compliance is Crucial for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses 2

What comes to mind when you think about business compliance? Maybe you have a vague awareness that there are regulations to adhere to, but you’re a little fuzzy on the details. Perhaps tackling compliance is on your to-do list, but your (lack of) enthusiasm for it keeps pushing it back…kind of like taxes. Or, worse,…

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A Compliance Accelerator to Help You Build an Information Governance Strategy

Image shows world map overlaid with many icons

Many start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) hit the ground running, taking care of hiring, marketing, inventory, workflow, countless other aspects of running a company…and within all of this, information governance is often put on a back burner. ​Yet today’s workforce is full of data which is constantly accumulating. Companies can use this data in many ways—but…

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CIO Coverage Names Infused Innovations One of Top 10 Leading Microsoft Partners to Watch in 2023

CIO Coverage Names Infused Innovations One of Top 10 Leading Microsoft Partners to Watch in 2023 3

CIO Coverage Names Infused Innovations One of Top 10 Leading Microsoft Partners to Watch in 2023 Infused Innovations (401) 267-4460 [email protected] CIO Coverage Magazine has chosen Infused Innovations for its featured Top 10 Leading Microsoft Partners to Watch in 2023. The prediction for 2023 is that Microsoft and its partners will continue to excel in…

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Make the Most of Microsoft Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM) by Automating with Intune

Image of a man smiling because he's automated his Threat and Vulnerability Management programs

Let’s say you just bought and deployed Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) to use as part of your Extended Detection and Response (XDR) service. Or maybe you got the E5 Security license for its cross-domain capabilities. You’re taking a look through security.microsoft.com to check out the possibilities and you stumble on the Threat and Vulnerability…

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What is Computer Vision? The Technology Behind this Intelligent Tool

Image shows an example of computer vision

Computer vision is a machine learning technology that allows a computer to process visual images in such a way that it can “understand” and give meaning to them. Then it can perform tasks related to the sorting and identification of related images. Applications for this AI capability are continuing to grow, and forward-thinking companies have…

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What is Moonshot Thinking and How Can it Transform Your Business?

Beautiful moon image to inspire moonshot thinking

Do you ever incorporate moonshot thinking into your planning? It’s easy enough to gather the gist of the idea: a moonshot is a long shot—something difficult to achieve—and thinking about it is the first step toward reaching it. But this is also an intentional strategy that businesses can use to think outside the box and…

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ChatGPT Gets Chatty!

Image generated by DALL-2: portrayal of ChatGPT as a smiling clay robot

This month I’ve done a series on OpenAI’s generative text model, ChatGPT—simple use cases to try out, its current limitations and problems, and how it might change the ways we think, learn and operate. Now it’s time to let Chatty (my nickname for the übersyllabic chatbot) speak for itself. To demonstrate the kinds of responses…

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A Step in the Evolution of Human-Machine Relationships

Spiraling staircase suggests the evolution of human-machine relationships.

The essay is dead. Programming is dead. Google is dead. Have you heard any of these statements (or perhaps more along those lines?) in regard to the effects of powerful generative AI models like ChatGPT? Before we gather at the cemetery, let’s consider a quote by Florida Scott-Maxwell: “Every seed destroys its container, or else…

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The Problem(s) with ChatGPT

Image of many open books symbolizes both the potential and the problem(s) with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT has quickly become a big buzzword, and by now many of us have given the generative AI model a try. We’ve been amazed at how eloquently it can write. We’ve marveled at that cursor laying out an answer in less time than it took us to formulate the question. We’ve brainstormed ways it can…

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