The evolution of AI and Infused Innovations pioneering role 1

The evolution of AI and Infused Innovations pioneering role

Jeff Wilhelm, CEO of Infused Innovations, rejoins the “Digitally Transformed” podcast to kick off season 2 with host Justin Starbird. Together they discuss the importance of considering essential requirements beyond the hype when delving into the AI industry and utilizing GenAI tools for business innovation.

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Listen in as Justin and Jeff talk about how Infused Innovations, a pioneer in the field, emphasizes several fundamental elements to ensure successful data-driven decision-making.

Jeff encourages excitement about AI’s potential but reminds listeners to prioritize the essential elements that underpin its effectiveness.

We review the crucial steps for leveraging the benefits of AI including:

  • Building a solid data foundation
  • Ensuring security and compliance measures
  • Establishing a scalable infrastructure
  • Adopting a modern data stack
  • Delivering maintainable data products

On June 22nd at 12p EDT, join Jeff as he hosts a webinar with Phil Magnuszewski, CINO & Head of the Innovation Lab at Infused Innovations, and Alex Clayton, Solutions Engineer at Infused Innovations, to discuss all of this and more!

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