You’re on the Wrong Microsoft 365 License for your Business

Well, you’re probably on the wrong Microsoft 365 business license. If you’re on one of the following plans, then skip this article:

  1. Microsoft 365 E5
  2. Microsoft 365 E3 plus Microsoft 365 E5 Security (Previously called Identity Threat Protection)
  3. Microsoft 365 Business plus Azure AD P2

But if you’re like most organizations that we speak to, then you’re running a mix of Windows 7, Windows 10 Pro, Office Home & Business, Office 365 Business Premium, or even Office 365 E3 / E5.…

Top 10 Security Best Practices with Microsoft 365 in 2019

Welcome to my initial blog post for our Secure Modern Workplace series! At Infused Innovations, one of our core security philosophies is that human minds can no longer keep up with the pace of cyberattacks. We must leverage automation through artificial intelligence to respond to security threats.…