Safeguarding Our Oceans: Marine Science Powered by AI 1

Safeguarding Our Oceans: Marine Science Powered by AI

Dive into the fascinating world of marine science and environmental innovation in this eye-opening episode of Digitally Transformed, powered by Infused Innovations. Join host Justin Starbird as he sits down with industry experts from INSPIRE Environmental and Infused Innovations to explore the groundbreaking partnership reshaping the offshore wind industry.



INSPIRE Environmental, a leader in ecological solutions for offshore wind projects, has teamed up with Infused Innovations, a technology solutions provider, to harness the power of AI, machine learning, and data management. Together, they are revolutionizing how marine data is collected, analyzed, and utilized, leading to a profound impact on environmental preservation.

Discover how data management plays a crucial role in handling the massive volumes of data generated during underwater surveys. Hear from INSPIRE's CEO, Jeanine Boyle, as she emphasizes the importance of interpretive quality and precise insights that their clients rely on to make informed decisions.

Kersey Sturdivant, PhD, Principal Scientist, shares how the culture of INSPIRE Environmental galvanizes the team to keep the data that is collected, "clean." This attention to detail led to the creation of a new service suite and unlocked information never before found in this type of research.

Delve into the "Art of the Possible" workshops, a unique offering by Infused Innovations. Join Jeff Wilhelm, CEO, and Phil Magnuszewski, Chief Innovation Officer, as they discuss how these workshops fuel creativity and empower clients like INSPIRE to envision new possibilities for their businesses using cutting-edge technologies.

INSPIRE Environmental's forward-thinking approach is paving the way for new horizons in marine science. Some of these new horizons were even shared by Microsoft in a new case study that featured their work with Infused. Learn how embracing innovation and scalability have propelled them as leaders in the industry and empowered them to tackle the future head-on.

Join us for this captivating episode as we shed light on how AI, data management, and machine learning are redefining marine science and safeguarding our oceans for generations to come.

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