Inside Our Innovation Lab

Inside Our Innovation Lab 1

At Infused Innovations, we aim for great customer relationships and we pride ourselves on being one of the best managed service providers in the world. It’s important to be able to deliver up-to-date, trustworthy and reliable advisory services to clients that we get to know well. There’s another side of what we do, though, that’s…

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Will Robots Take Away Human Jobs?

Inside Our Innovation Lab 6

It’s been a question on people’s minds for a while now: many have wondered what work might look like in the future when robots become more prevalent, and what will happen to those people whose jobs can be replaced by them. For some, a rise in the adoption of robotics brings angst that societies will…

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What Can Your Organization Achieve with Innovation Services?

Inside Our Innovation Lab 16

Imagine your work could be totally transformed. How would you transform it? For those willing to think outside the box, this is a real question to ask—an open-ended question that could lead to surprising results. Creating new and remarkable ways of doing things is very possible, with emerging technologies developing every day. It takes innovative…

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3 Surprising Ways Technology Can Help Animals

Image of a cow invites the question of how technology can help animals.

If you’re like many of us here at Infused Innovations, you love both technology and animals. Are they usually discussed together? No. But there are some really cool innovative tools can be used to benefit animal welfare. Technology can help animals in a number of ways: the possibilities developing today are offering new insights and…

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How to Create an Environment of Innovation at your Company

Inside Our Innovation Lab 23

There are lots of changes happening in today’s workplaces. Where and how work is done is affected by new needs and expanding capabilities. It’s truly a time of growth and transformation. Is your organization taking advantage of this time to flourish in new ways? Or are you having trouble moving forward? Now is a perfect…

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Infused Innovations Appoints Erica Bosse as VP of Operations and Customer Experience

An image celebrating Erica Bosse's success as the VP of Operations and Customer Experience

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 6, 2021 Infused Innovations (401) 267-4460 [email protected] Emphasizing the firm’s focus on client experience  North Kingstown, RI: Infused Innovations Appoints Erica Bosse as VP of Operations and Customer Experience In this position, Erica Bosse will be responsible for aligning and leading organizational operations to fully support Infused Innovations’ focus on the…

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Infused Innovations Appoints Phil Magnuszewski as First Chief Innovation Officer

A photo of Phil Magnuszewski saying congrats on your new role.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 29, 2021 Infused Innovations (401) 267-4460 [email protected] Emphasizing the firm’s focus on innovation and client solutions North Kingstown, RI: Infused Innovations named Phil Magnuszewski as the firm’s first Chief Innovation Officer as of last week.  Phil Magnuszewski will build a suite of innovation products and offerings for clients, form viewpoints around emerging…

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Tech Intensity: Expanding Beyond Digital Transformation

Inside Our Innovation Lab 27

One of the big tech buzzwords in 2020, and leading up to it, was digital transformation. Perhaps a good one to ponder as we move into 2021 is tech intensity. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has often mentioned this latter term during his keynotes. (He coined it in 2018 and brought it up again more recently…

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