Inside Our Innovation Lab 1

Inside Our Innovation Lab

At Infused Innovations, we aim for great customer relationships and we pride ourselves on being one of the best managed service providers in the world. It’s important to be able to deliver up-to-date, trustworthy and reliable advisory services to clients that we get to know well. There’s another side of what we do, though, that’s even more forward-thinking and inquisitive. That’s what our Innovation Lab is all about.

What is an Innovation Lab, exactly? It’s our space to explore the cutting edge of possibility and what that could mean for different kinds of organizations and industries—the big ideas that could really change the way people think and operate. Headed by Chief Innovation Officer Phil Magnuszewski, the Innovation Lab is our springboard for game-changing developments. Come on over and take a peek.

Inside Our Innovation Lab 2

Research and Exploration

Many organizations are realizing the importance of innovating in today’s work arena, but few are really defining what that means and how to make it happen. Phil’s work in the Innovation Lab takes nebulous ideas of possibility and turns them into concrete steps. It looks at the elements that will form the nuts and bolts of new initiatives: What are the newest technologies emerging and where are their best applications? Which resources do we have available today? What is the most cost-effective way to do this? Can funding be obtained through grants, and which ones apply to which projects? What kinds of incremental steps can an organization realistically take to achieve a desired outcome?

Sometimes, a customer comes to us with a great new idea but doesn’t know where to begin. Phil’s passion and expertise help them develop a plan to turn a dream into a reality. Then he sets the organization up with a team of coaches to advise and assist each step of the way.

Inside Our Innovation Lab 3

Expanding Potential Through Partnerships

Strategic organizations know that more can be achieved through mutually beneficial partnerships. Certain projects might require a trusted robotics firm, for example, that could use the assistance in pairing its technologies with the right projects. Academic institutions may be able to propel research with collaboration, or government partnerships can help put the latest discoveries to use. Branching out and connecting with the right partners extends possibilities and provides scalability to put the big ideas into practice.

Infused Innovations is a Zero Trust Microsoft Gold Partner, so we are already working closely with a global leader that also appreciates the power of partnership. Along with other collaborations we’ve begun, we’re looking to expand our network of partners in order grow our impact in helping clients achieve innovative transformations.

Inside Our Innovation Lab 4

Responsible Innovation

As Phil says, it’s important that “there’s someone who is critically thinking about how our clients should be changing their business by leveraging emerging technologies to disrupt their industries.” This critical thinking is crucial both in the sense of identifying the most effective ways to revolutionize a business, and helping them do it safely and responsibly. We can develop a proof of concept to test out the feasibility of a new practice before moving an organization forward with it. Each step of the project, taken on incrementally, is thoughtfully planned to optimize the time and resources involved, and to arrive at the outcome in the smartest ways possible.

Inside Our Innovation Lab 5

In the case of innovative technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, we are always working to ensure that projects are carried out in accord with AI ethics and that leaders understand the responsibility of adopting such technologies. While there are great benefits to be gained from today’s remarkable advancements, we believe that they shouldn’t be embraced without a critical and responsible plan—and we prioritize that element of safety when delivering for our clients. Just as our Advisory Services provide secure digital transformation, so does our Innovation Lab produce responsible innovation.

What’s to Come

For now the Innovation Lab is virtual, as our company works 100% remotely and much of the broader work force is still coming out of grappling with Covid limitations. But the lab may one day find a physical home where visitors can explore technologies like robotics, 3D printing, or virtual reality equipment in person. Innovation is about forging new paths and thinking outside the box—that’s what we help our clients with, and it’s what we do ourselves in our growing Innovation Lab.

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