Hyper-Local Marketing Requires a Hyper-Focused Partnership  1

Hyper-Local Marketing Requires a Hyper-Focused Partnership 

Through targeted direct mail and digital marketing solutions backed by over 13 years of expertise in auto repair, fitness, dental, and home services marketing, this marketing company is focused on hyper-local marketing efforts to drive growth to local brick and mortar businesses. Our initial engagement was focused on data management, ETL and hygiene processes, and delivering business analytics in a standardized format. As we became more engaged, it became clear that their platform lacked reliable integration capabilities with their Sage-based platform and didn’t deliver on some key metric requirements (for example reporting on the profitability by customer per store and product). We are leading a comprehensive effort to improve on the existing proprietary platform, systems, processes, data integration, and most importantly accurate business intelligence, to help this marketing company deliver more to their customers.

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