Infused Threat Protection

Orchestration, Automation, and Response

Managed Cloud Security

Stop Ransomware & Stay Current Against New MITRE ATT&CKs


Prepare your users by attacking them


Patching, compliance, MFA, known folder protection


Next-gen antivirus, Cloud App Security, multi-cloud SIEM, no hardware


Security orchestration powered by AI & Machine Learning


Visualize breaches & generate evidence


Powered by Microsoft 365 & The Azure Cloud

Zero Trust Security Accelerators

Reduce Onboarding Time - Deploy Your Secure Intelligent Workplace Today

Identity-Based Protection

Use cloud-powered AI/ML signals to automatically protect against identity risks before providing access.

Prevent Data Loss

Protect data within cloud apps with Microsoft Cloud App Security in-session controls.

Control Access

Limit access, not productivity, with controls to protect data in SharePoint and Exchange.

Enforce Device Compliance

Mitigate risks from devices with Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

Assume Every Resource is on the Open Internet

Adaptive Network Security

AI & Machine Learning Respond at the Speed of the Attack

Cloud SIEM

Log Analytics collects data from servers running on Azure, VMware, Hyper-V, & AWS to be analyzed with Azure Sentinel

Anti Phishing

Use SPF / DKIM / DMARC to stop email forging, block advanced spoofing techniques, and protect breached users with Office 365 ATP

Automated Response

6.5 trillion daily signals are analyzed with AI / ML to trigger runbooks to stop attacks

Cloud App Security

Gain insight to every change made to every file by any user in your cloud

Limit Access, Not Productivity

Security Assessments

Know your exposure

Rapid Cyberattack Assessment

Perform a two-day assessment of your Windows environment

Shadow IT Discovery

Discover third-party applications being used in your environment

Secure Score

Review your Microsoft 365 Secure Score and ways to improve your cloud security

Vulnerability Scanning

Analyze your Windows environment for known CVEs and misconfigurations

Managed Compliance

Maintain industry standards and regulatory compliance with the world's most secure cloud


Protect sensitive patient information using AI to detect medical record numbers, SSN, etc.


Secure your points of sale that handle credit card information and sensitive data.


Protect CUI with Azure Government clouds to meet NIST 800-171 and NIST 800-53 controls


Safeguard individual privacy rights under GDPR with the Microsoft intelligent cloud