Microsoft Announces Zero Trust Implementation Partnership with Infused Innovations 1

Microsoft Announces Zero Trust Implementation Partnership with Infused Innovations

Microsoft and Infused Innovations have announced a joint partnership to accelerate Zero Trust deployments in the Microsoft cloud. Infused Innovations is now the only managed service provider that offers both Zero Trust implementation and ongoing services in the Azure Marketplace. Through this partnership and with this unique advantage, the two companies look forward to helping customers rapidly adopt the Microsoft 365 platform powered by the Azure cloud.



Infused Innovations and Microsoft share the vision of allowing customers to accelerate their digital improvements and immediately thrive in a highly digital work environment. Both companies recognize the paramount importance of cybersecurity, which culminates in the use of the Zero Trust framework. Partnering with Microsoft provides more streamlined cloud processes and industry-leading security options for Infused Innovations customers.

It’s an honor to be the first partner that Microsoft has trusted with implementing Zero Trust deployments via the Azure Marketplace. Our Secure Intelligent Workplace framework and Infused Threat Protection have both received accolades from Microsoft in the past year, and this new joint partnership will help organizations of any size accelerate their Microsoft 365 adoption journey. Looking back on all the effort and teamwork that has led to this, I’m grateful and proud to be part of such a successful collaboration.

Jeffrey Wilhelm, CEO of Infused Innovations


Zero Trust Implementation Services

Organizations need to support an increasingly mobile workforce. A Zero Trust network built on Microsoft 365 removes the need for corporate firewalls and restricted VPN access. Onboarding for our vision of a Secure Intelligent Workplace is broken into three Zero Trust Security Accelerators, now available via the Azure Marketplace.

Zero Trust Security Accelerator for Modern Authentication

Azure AD is the identity provider at the core of a Secure Intelligent Workplace. By enabling modern authentication methods with Windows Hello and FIDO2 biometric authentication, you can eliminate passwords and use facial recognition for all of your cloud-integrated SaaS applications. Using contextual login data, risky sign-ons are detected in real-time and your users are only prompted for multifactor authentication (MFA) challenges when suspicious activity is detected.

Zero Trust Security Accelerator for Data & Devices

All devices are required to enroll in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) to gain access to your environment. MEM is a unified management portal that combines Intune and Configuration Manager into a single pane of glass to enforce compliance policies on all of your Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

Infused Innovations encourages the use of Microsoft Surface devices as they are engineered with security in mind and provide built-in hardware for the latest modern authentication methods. When Surface devices are combined with Windows Autopilot, setting up new employees is easier than getting a cup of coffee.

Zero Trust Security Accelerator for Threat Intelligence

Our third accelerator uses the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to combine all the threat intelligence and security telemetry from the first two accelerators. Using a cloud-native SIEM, we prepare your Azure Sentinel environment for 24×7 monitoring by our Infused Threat Protection service. Additional features configured in this accelerator include all the security tools that are unique to the Microsoft 365 E5 plan.

Some of the benefits of Microsoft 365 E5 Security include real-time password resets for compromised accounts, blocking SharePoint downloads on personal devices, and endpoint data loss prevention.

Co-managed Azure Sentinel & Zero Trust Services

We think about Zero Trust in six pillars: identity, devices, apps, data, infrastructure, and network. Our co-managed SIEM services provide 24×7 monitoring of your entire environment via Azure Sentinel. Continuous monitoring of your cloud environment is critical. All the security automation in the world still can’t replace human threat hunting and incident response teams.

Infused Threat Protection

Infused Threat Protection is a managed service that leverages your existing Azure & Microsoft security licensing to deliver a managed zero trust environment. Maintain security hygiene on all your Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

By combining our 24×7 managed SOC services with Infused Threat Protection (ITP), you’ll have a full defense-in-depth security strategy that assumes breach. ITP provides end-user security awareness training, phishing simulations, and third-party patching for endpoints.

About Infused Innovations

Infused Innovations is a technology strategy consultancy dedicated to helping clients use upcoming technologies to their advantage. Headquartered in North Kingstown, RI, the company also has branches in Massachusetts and California. As a leader in innovative security and a Microsoft Gold Partner, Infused Innovations is always looking toward emerging technology and transformation, including through responsible AI. It’s committed to helping create a more sustainable, responsible, digitally empowered world. Infused Innovations was also recently honored on the Inc. 5000 2020 list.

About Microsoft

Microsoft is a world leader in technology, providing millions of companies and users with secure, exceptional digital resources for today’s world. Its mission is to help allow every person and organization on the planet to achieve more—a goal that is undertaken through accessibility, partnership, and responsible leadership.

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