Statement from our CEO: We Stand With Those Calling for Justice, Equality, and True Democracy 1

Statement from our CEO: We Stand With Those Calling for Justice, Equality, and True Democracy

The events of the past several days have made us at Infused Innovations question whether we can continue doing our jobs in information security and AI without addressing the social vulnerabilities that have increasingly been exposed in our nation and our world. The answer is: no, we cannot. What we stand for—responsible innovation, global sustainability, reliable information, and safe foundations for technological progress—cannot be achieved without actively standing up for equality, fairness, and justice as well.

We are in the middle of a historic and unsettling time. COVID-19 has upended our normal routines and challenged us to adapt in ways that promote our collective safety and health. Misinformation and misunderstanding have erupted as our online interactions have increased. And the horrific death of George Floyd marked the most recent in a long line of senseless murders of innocent people of color by those who’ve abused their power and status.

During these times, we must come together and unite in this struggle which is nothing less than a fight for democracy and humanity. When justice, verified information, or human rights are suppressed, democracy is at stake. It is disappointing to see our U.S. officials failing to call for this unity, and instead provoking divisiveness and oppression. We need to embrace the unity in diversity that will drive our country and our companies in a better direction.

The problems we face cannot be solved by a heroic few, especially under our current administration. Those who are first to stand up are only the catalysts. We must have a unified majority that is committed to fairness, both social and digital. And to do this, we must understand and do our best to convey to others that this endeavor transcends party lines. For anyone to thrive peacefully in a global and digital era requires that all human beings are protected with these basic inalienable rights.

Likewise, taking a stance is only the first step. At Infused Innovations we are challenging ourselves to examine ways we can bring more social responsibility into our daily work. We’re asking ourselves: how can we use our role in technology to create digital foundations that support equality and safeguard against corruption? How will we vote not only with our ballots but with the products, services, and causes we take part in? What will we do with our voice and our network to speak out against the problems that threaten our society? These are indeed questions that every company and every individual can ask. As we continue to develop ways to incorporate these questions into our lives and work, Infused Innovations is matching all employee donations toward social rights groups. We are also announcing our Secure Intelligent Workplace for Good initiative, which helps non-profits expand their capabilities to bring about change and social justice in the United States.

We face massive challenges, and there is much work to be done. Together we can all do a part in supporting true democracy, and we are committed to doing ours.

-Jeffrey Wilhelm, CEO

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