The Benefits of AI for Businesses Today

The Benefits of AI for Businesses Today 1

Perhaps you’ve read articles here and there about artificial intelligence incorporated into today’s work tasks, but it’s largely off your own business radar. You might see it as a tool that enhances operations under the surface of software, still somewhat unknown in your concrete organizational decisions. AI is becoming increasingly pervasive and going far beyond…

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A Look at AI in Gartner’s Hype Cycle

The Benefits of AI for Businesses Today 4

Artificial intelligence has definitely received a lot of hype in recent years. This has been a long time coming in regard to the general concept of AI. Imagine the first articles you ever read about AI, or the increasing multitude of films that feature various robots as characters. When it comes to more specific and…

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What is Project Cortex?

The Benefits of AI for Businesses Today 5

How many times has someone on your team tried to collaborate on a document in SharePoint and had to ask where the document is? Or, how often have you found two people working on the same task but in different departments? Coming soon, Microsoft’s Cognitive Services and AI will be tackling these exact issues. Microsoft’s…

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Insider Risk Management with AI and ML

The Benefits of AI for Businesses Today 6

Additional remote work and online activity have made individuals and organizations more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Many organizations overlook these threats, and often when they do address them, they focus on outside attacks. They can easily fail to see potential risk that lies within their own internal network. And these internal threats are more common…

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The Future is Now: How AI and Robotics Can Help Fight Disease

The Benefits of AI for Businesses Today 7

Most people think that technologies like AI, drones, and robots are years away from really becoming usable. We’ve been seeing them in sci-fi movies and imaginative fiction for a while now, but for the most part these robotics still seem to have a futuristic feel to them. What many people don’t realize, though, is that…

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