Discover Potential for Your Business with a Computer Vision Accelerator

Discover Potential for Your Business with a Computer Vision Accelerator 1

Computer vision describes the process when a computer using artificial intelligence algorithms can identify and process images (photos, videos, etc.) and then create an appropriate output from the analysis because the computer can actually “understand” the content. Specifically, computer vision can rapidly detect, identify, classify, and verify objects. As industries continue to move forward, computer…

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What is Computer Vision? The Technology Behind this Intelligent Tool

Image shows an example of computer vision

Computer vision is a machine learning technology that allows a computer to process visual images in such a way that it can “understand” and give meaning to them. Then it can perform tasks related to the sorting and identification of related images. Applications for this AI capability are continuing to grow, and forward-thinking companies have…

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How Enterprises Can Use GPT Technology to Drive Their Business Forward

How Enterprises Can Use GPT Technology to Drive Their Business Forward 2

It’s becoming ever clearer that technologies like ChatGPT, one of several new artificial intelligence systems which appears to wield advanced proficiency in using natural language, will open up a plethora of new opportunities for individuals, organizations, and society. It is easy, however, to be stunned by the seemingly infinite number of possibilities that this technology…

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ChatGPT Gets Chatty!

Image generated by DALL-2: portrayal of ChatGPT as a smiling clay robot

This month I’ve done a series on OpenAI’s generative text model, ChatGPT—simple use cases to try out, its current limitations and problems, and how it might change the ways we think, learn and operate. Now it’s time to let Chatty (my nickname for the übersyllabic chatbot) speak for itself. To demonstrate the kinds of responses…

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The Problem(s) with ChatGPT

Image of many open books symbolizes both the potential and the problem(s) with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT has quickly become a big buzzword, and by now many of us have given the generative AI model a try. We’ve been amazed at how eloquently it can write. We’ve marveled at that cursor laying out an answer in less time than it took us to formulate the question. We’ve brainstormed ways it can…

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ChatGPT Use Cases You Haven’t Thought of

ChatGPT Use Cases You Haven't Thought of 3

When we published a blog about GPT-3 last year, we thought it would be fun to have the generative AI model itself write parts of the article. With the release of the new GPT3.5 update’s ChatGPT at the end of November, there’s been an explosion of attention on AI-generated text, with many authors bringing it…

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The Benefits of AI for Businesses Today

The Benefits of AI for Businesses Today 4

Perhaps you’ve read articles here and there about artificial intelligence incorporated into today’s work tasks, but it’s largely off your own business radar. You might see it as a tool that enhances operations under the surface of software, still somewhat unknown in your concrete organizational decisions. AI is becoming increasingly pervasive and going far beyond…

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A Look at AI in Gartner’s Hype Cycle

A Look at AI in Gartner's Hype Cycle 7

Artificial intelligence has definitely received a lot of hype in recent years. This has been a long time coming in regard to the general concept of AI. Imagine the first articles you ever read about AI, or the increasing multitude of films that feature various robots as characters. When it comes to more specific and…

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